Friday, June 20, 2008

They Just Get Dumber.....

What I'm about to tell you is typical down here in the Vernon went up to 10th street to speak with my next door neighbor and while standing on his porch talking and observing 2 guys who continually rode by them on a bike...(One riding on the handlebars)..they noticed them go into the side parking lot between my place and Mikes and when the bike came back out there was only one person on it. So Mike leaned over the porch to see where the other kid went and he was on Vernon's bike. So Mike said to Vernon, "Vernon, that kid is stealing your bike." Now wouldn't you know Vernon didn't have his new stun gun with him so he had to vault over the railing and grab the kid on his own. Meanwhile his back up, Mike, never left the porch. Anyway, the theft was averted but can you believe in broad daylight, right beside the house where 2 people are standing this little yutz would try something like that. I'm telling you, if brains were dynamite, these kids wouldn't have enough to blow themselves up. Bikes down here are stolen on a daily basis and what's worse, they just abandon them at some point, usually behind our building no less. Vernon says he finds about 10 bikes a summer leaning against our little "doll house". Anyway, we've made it to another weekend. Always cause for celebration. And this is our last week of high school seniors...Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! Now that is cause for celebration. I thought I'd try to stitch in the shop tonight while I work...since I'm blogging you can see how well that is working. I know I should be ticketing merchandise and getting inventory in the computer...Poor Pat and Connie worked like dogs today and could barely pack up to go home but fear I might ask them to do one more thing spurred them on. Pat is trying to move items from one storeroom into the other storeroom and an 8 foot ladder is involved in the 2nd storeroom, so she's about dead by the time she leaves. And poor Connie was trying to help with that and clean up the Vera Bradley one is sad to see Vera's too labor intensive. Sometimes I felt like I was working at the know you fit the shelves up and all the bags were lined up perfectly and then someone comes along, pulls one out and ruins the line of the shelf. I was not made to keep putting the same handles in the same purses and straightening up the same purses 6 times a day (Like I really did it that much...but you get my drift). I don't clean up my house as much as I had to clean up the Vera fact I blame the Vera area for my not cleaning my house...oh, oh, I seem a problem up ahead...I've got to find something to blame my "not cleaning" at home on....ummmm, I'm going to start working on this problem tonight. Weather Report: It has been so beautiful down here...sun shining, breeze blowing, I'm living in a false least that's how it feels. If it weren't for the seniors this would be Paradise....another week and it will be. I can't wait. However, I understand the humidity is about to make a return so that won't be so great for me. But, it's still gorgeous, not that I get to see a lot of it. During the day I'm in the office in air conditioning although I can see sunshine out the window but basically I face a wall and a desk piled with "crap" (or bills depending which side of the payment you are on.) Pat E. was just in...her son is here for a soccer game so the whole family came down and Pat was able to sneak away to come see us and of course, add to her stash. It's always so nice to see our stitching friends and catch up on the news. This blog has sat here for 3 days and now it's Tuesday and I still haven't published it. Not much going on down here, except the weather is gorgeous. Some folks told me it wasn't so hot on the beach a couple of days ago, but the sun is shining. I took Solomon for a walk to the post office and it was lovely. The breeze is delightful...but last night we had hail and the summer, have you ever? I had just gotten home when it started and it sure did cool things off. I'm still sleeping without a/c....I hate a/c, but for me it's a necessary evil. It's getting busier...staying open now until 10:00 p.m., or really I should say until 9:45 p.m., because I'm tired and by 9:45 I've put up with about all I can take. You know I love my shop, but some nights they run me ragged, and I'm not just talking about customers, I'm talking about the foreign students working for me. Boy howdy, each year I've been lucky enough to get Polish students in Sea Trader, and I have to say they are the hardest workers and best workers I've ever had. This year I wasn't so lucky...not only does the student this year barely speak English, but her understanding of the language isn't that great. So anytime I say something to her she just looks at me, tilts her head a little, get's a look on her face of non-comprehension and I end up doing whatever it is I wanted her to do myself. (perhaps she's not so dumb)...anyway, my new tactic is to get Sara to act as the translator. We'll see how long this lasts. Anyway, I want to get this post have a great day and a great night and I'll talk to you soon.

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