Saturday, June 7, 2008

We're on the run....

The ladies arrived some on Thursday, Debbie L. and Phyllis Y. to take the class and Ellen and Nancy giving their support to Debbie & Phyllis, along with our Judy who flew in from Colorado to spend a few days with us and take the classes as well. It was so nice catching up with the girls and then on Friday Jennifer H. arrived rather weary from her dealings with Verizon (and they struck again). She awoke to no phone service I think on Wednesday or Thursday and Verizon told her they couldn't get there until Tuesday...which wouldn't be so bad except (and there is always an except) her cell phone was with her daughter several states away. She wasn't panicing though, just told her husband to call Kay F. since they would be rooming together during the weekend. But then...the police started arriving at her door to answer the 911 calls, which apparently were coming through over her line even though there was no service in the house. She put up with that for 2 days and decided to get out early on Friday so she taped a note on her door for the next policeman. While she was relaying the tale to us...I get a call from Verizon who we've (as you know) been fighting with over my phone bill at the hotel and their allowing anyone (apparently) who called them to charge our account for some foolishness. While I was blasting that poor soul who called, I realized she was talking about the needlework shop I gave her permission to look over our account to see if they could lower the bill. (Now my question...and I asked if you can lower the bill then do it. Why do you bother me with this crap. You don't ask me if I mind if you raise allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to plop charges on my bill and yet you say I have to allow you to lower the charges. What kind of bull hockey is that? Her answer, "Mam, I can't even look at your bill without your permission." Anyway, I let her and then she calls back and says, "You don't have an account with us." To which I replied, "I certainly do, I pay it monthly, and let's remember you called me. If I don't have an account why did you call me." She said, "Because you must have cancelled your account." To which I said, "I'll tell you what, I'll stop paying on the account which you say I don't have but which I get a bill for each month, and then we'll see what happens." She decided to cut her losses and hung up. Now people...what the hell is wrong with these people? I'm telling you I think there is a big office decided to driving me crazy. Anyway, Stacy arrived sometime during Friday afternoon and we still hadn't seen Lauren, Kay F., Colleen, or Jackie J., and we began to worry as it got later and later in the afternoon. Lauren always comes by way of Delaware as she is a bit afraid to drive over the Chesapeake Bay bridge. She choose this year to do that drive...and unfortunately for her there was a murder/suicide in a house on route 50 between Easton and Cambridge and closed the highway while they dealth with that all day, beginning around 10:00 a.m. and didn't reopen it until 4:30 p.m. Luckily Colleen and her mother come by way of Delaware, however, Lauren, Jackie and Kay were all involved in the Route 50 closing. When each arrived they announced they needed a drink before anything else. Lauren was on the road 12 hours, and Jackie and Kay felt like they were on the road 12 hours, plus more Jennifer's husband had been calling Kay to try to get in touch with Jennifer thinking Kay would be here by the time he called...according to Kay he called around 16 times (I think she may have been kidding, but I'm sure he called more than 2 times.) But once everyone sat down, got a drink, took a breath, we had a great evening with Lauren's show and tell (oh, my cannot believe the unbelievable things she does. She concocts really unusual pieces and they are just gorgeous. Much discussion ensues as to what class they want to take in Lauren will be back again as ususal. When we finally got her to come, I told her to slate us in every year automatically so she'll be coming back forever I guess. Lucky us! Between that and looking at the C.A. Wells class pieces we were in total class overload. And I stayed her far too long last night and had to deal with a drunken jackass on my way home. And...Sara got to kick out a couple of girls who were suppose to be a couple to begin with (liars) and they were trying to sneak in 2 other people. Sara loves it when she gets to play Barney Fife...I swear if I let her have a gun she'd shoot someone. Anyway, she was so excited to get to tell the girls they would have to leave and find a room elsewhere .... well her night was made. We rent to families and couples only which is why 2 girls are a problem for us....and the strange thing was one of these girls was wearing a wedding band which is why Sara let them register in the first place. They were in the 20's, one married...and yet...a complete jackass. Anyway...the girls and I mean the ladies at the retreat and my girls are throwing me a barbeque/birthday bash tonight (isn't it funny that I have this class so close to my birthday....birthday gifts people...bring it on!) Anyway, Sandy J. stopped in with Sali P. to pick up a load (and they did) of Vera on sale. Sandy, God love her she's a peach, handed me a box and said happy birthday! I really don't expect gifts, but mercy do I love to get them. She made me a beautiful pink scissor fob with the cutest little sundae charm on the bottom. I'll get it on the web site this week, but you know how I love scissor fobs, etc. I really do love all of these accessory pieces (have I not mentioned my desire several hundred times already). Anyway, it is gorgeous...I love it...I've already put it on a pair of pink handled scissors and it's going in the bag. While I don't use my other accessory pieces (they are really for show only for some reason) I do use my fobs. I haven't had to crawl under my sofa looking for my scissors in years. So Thank You Sandy J. I love you my friend. If you recall, on my blog after the stitchers weekend I showed you the early birthday gift from Mary P. the gorgeous blue and white quilt she made me....Love you too Mary P. Stitching friends are the Best! And the cards...well some people are even sending me two...Stacy B...thanks so much..I'm telling you 60 must be that special birthday.....people are making such a fuss. I can't thank everyone enough.

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