Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firemen's Parade...4 hours of firetrucks...oh, my!

Yes today is our annual firemen's parade, complete with approx. 4 hours of firetrucks...and yet I haven't seen so much as one of them...I had to work Sea Trader today. While I sat in the wonderful air-conditioning I didn't regret it at all. I have to say this week with the high school seniors has been relatively calm...I said relatively because we still know they are there by the amount of trash they have thrown on our parking lot...they seem to have endless sums of money for the necessities of Senior and alcohol. However, I've gone home each night without my usual drama in the alley and I had my windows open last night and wasn't kept up all night by their yelling and screaming. Since this is the last of the worst weeks (next week is always a milder Senior week) I am counting my blessings. However, today brought me back to the reality of families in town. The grandmothers and mothers who bring their children in with the famous, "Don't touch anything" only to go one way while their little rugrats go the other way playing with things as they go. Nothing is ever returned to the place where they found it and some gets broken along the way...yes, I remember this well now...the memory was clouded last week when I was dealing with seniors. I'll still take the kids over seniors, although the kids now playing with the JABCO buttons may not make it to their senior year if the mother doesn't get them out of here soon. And the phones...oh my God...could people be any ruder? And the ring tones, honestly it's driving me crazy. I've got spa music on to calm my nerves and one of those damn tones starting rocking the house...and you know I just want to get up and "Boogie". But then I want to bitch slap the woman and tell her she can answer that thing outside where I don't have to participate...but then I spy some kid braiding the Gentle Arts Threads and I'm off and running forgetting to bitch slap as I fly by to nab this little pain in my butt. Why do they feel the need to braid these damn drives me nuts! Oh, yes, the spa music...let me go back to the quiet..ooops they are over in the Vera Bradley bags raising hell...a Vera sale always get's them crazy and I should just wear blinders and ear plugs...that could work...I'll be at Walmart tomorrow trying to find them. In the meantime I have to get through easy chore. Why does it take women 1 hour to make up their mind on a purse. These person has been in the store holding the same Vera Backpack asking the same 2 people with her what she should do. They have both taken bathroom breaks, smoke breaks, I think one went to eat at the Alaska Stand and are still telling her the same thing they told her 1 hour ago..."We like looks good on you (what?)...we think you ought to get it." And she's still asking 1 hr later...oh, my God...either buy it or put it down but stop boring us with your whining. (Being able to blog in the shop is definitely a mistake. Now I'm going to bore you the way they are boring me.) O.K., she left the shop with no Vera only to return 10 minutes later walk over grab her Vera come to the register where her friends told her she didn't like the bag! And the saga continues. Oh, but the it was Paradise down here. The excessive heat is gone and we are left with warm weather, bright sun shining, water glistening, and a slight breeze coming off the ocean. I slept with no a/c last night and I even had a quilt (Mary's quilt) over my legs to keep the chill off. (It dropped to around 63 degrees)...and it was wonderful. Paradise people, just paradise. Anyway, I've finally made it to 9:45 p.m. and I'm closing to save my sanity. Have a great night and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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