Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm officially no longer capable....

We have had 2 days this week where we have no one scheduled (how does this happen) for the upstairs so I end up watching (not too well I might add) both stores. The other night Sea Trader got too busy and I had to call for reinforcements, but tonight doesn't seem too busy right now so I'm multi-tasking once again...working 2 stores and, my, I am busy. Anyway, I found another thing I hate...People who walk in a room and start screaming, yes screaming for help. The man walked into Sea Trader while I am sitting at the register in Salty Yarns pricing new merchandise (which is beginning to swamp Poor Pat)...and he takes one step in Sea Trader, does wait a moment at the register, just starts screaming "Is anyone here"...which clearly there was since there were about 10 people in the store. So I calmly say, "I'm right here." And he begins...he wants to know where there is a wheel chair rental place (if you are coming to walk the boardwalk...and you have a handicapped person with you...for God's sake bring a wheelchair or scooter with you). I explained that the only rental place closes at 5:00 p.m., so right now there was no where, especially on the boardwalk. He informs me that he has been told that Mike's Bikes rents wheelchairs (so why the hell are you asking me...another bitch of mine don't ask 50 people the same question). I said, "Well, perhaps they didn't realize that Mike is no longer in business." He said, "Well what is there now?" And I said, nothing. So he asks for the phone book so he can call Mike's Bikes...and I gladly gave it to him. Then his wife comes in and he says, "We can get one at Mike's Bikes." Apparently he didn't trust what I had to say at all..lucky for me that ended the discussion and he and his loud mouth were out of here. At first he did ask about the bike rental out front. He didn't really comprehend the fact that they are open from 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. and no bikes are allowed on the boardwalk after 10 a.m. Too much information for him. I don't know why he wasn't clued in by the fact that there isn't a bike on the boardwalk at this hour. Oh, takes all kinds, and they usually find their way into Salty Yarns. If this guy is the worst that I have to contend with tonight I'll count myself lucky. I do have to tell you today was off to a good start as the mailman brought me another birthday surprise. Our Joyce, one of the founding members of our Stitch 'n Bitch club was unable for health reasons to come to my birthday party and yet, she still sent a gift, and a wonderful gift as well. She stitched a gorgeous needleroll for me. As soon as I get my camera back up here I'm going to take pictures of all my goodies and show them to's going to be exciting for you I just know it. In the meantime, I'm closing because people are now just doing the lap. They walk in...walk once around the store and walk out....that's a lap. They really have no idea what they are walking into, they just walk in and out of every single store. Can you imagine doing that? I look at a store's window to see if I'm interested, but I never just go in and out of every store...that's really quite time consuming. So anyway, I've stayed long enough..I've been at work since 8:30 a.m. and it's now 9:35 p.m. So I'm going to say so long folks...have a great night and I'll catch you tomorrow.

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