Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do not get me started!!!!!!!

I get into the office this morning, bright and early since I left a little early yesterday...I'm feeling fine, my blood pressure was fine and then Sara said the one word that can always annoy me...Verizon..followed by stopped by. Apparently they were stopping by to alert us to the possibility of fraud on our verizon bill. Now let me get this straight, I can't change anything to a bill without my name on it without the authorization of every one from the janitor to the CEO of Verizon, but let some "dip shit" company put a charge thru and they just say "o.k., welcome aboard." So Sara has spent the morning calling various companies who were charging me anywhere from $30/month to $60/month for who knows what crap..internet, web, god only knows. Now you may be asking, what idiot doesn't check their bill...well, I do check it about twice a year since I can't understand why my bill is around $350 without a call being made. In my defense our phone bill is about 10 pages with so much crap on it I can't figure out what any of it is. However, if I had seen web charges I would have known that was bogus so the problem has only be on-going for a month or two, but still, I'm pissed off. They come and alert you...to the exact problem...they know who's doing what but they don't stop it. It's up to us to contact all the companies doing this (in our case we got about 4-5 numbers we have to call) but they share none of the responsibility. I've had it, folks...I'm sick of these companies who allow frauds to occur, throw up their hands and say "what could we do." Uhhhh, how about not letting any charges to go on our bill, jackass...how hard is that. If it isn't a Verizon generated charge...then don't let it go on the bill. Honestly, it's no wonder these companies make money.... oh, please, I'm feeling a little whoosie over this. Anyway Sara has straightened it all out and now that's one more thing on my plate each month...so now I'm micromanaging Verizon, the hotel, Salty Yarns and Sea Trader...yeah, I'm having some fun now! Oh the plus side...the first wave of graduating seniors is not as bad as they have been in the past. Renee and I took our scooter parade to the boardwalk again yesterday and we had free reign as there were very few bikes out. We thought that perhaps the seniors were all still in bed, however, after looking out during the afternoon and the evening...we don't believe there are that many of them here this week..thank the Dear Lord! Well, now I've had a long time tenant aggravate not only me, but Sara and Mary as well, so you know it's bad. First of all, I've had a run in with this family before (the woman's personality is a bit bold and she feels that if she wants it she should get it regardless of rules, other people whatever she comes first...in her mind). Last time was about 15 years ago and back then I sent them back their deposit and told them to make reservations somewhere else. Needless to say, they fed ex'ed the deposit back saying I misunderstood them (yeah, like that happened) but this time...she's in need of the elevator to get to her unit. The problem...the elevator is private...only to be used by my father (of course he's dead, so family becomes the only people allowed). It's not a commercial elevator, never has been, and we aren't insured for it to be used by tenants. Of course everyone wants to stay in the units where the elevator is located because they are huge apartments and they are ocean front. Every time one of the returning tenants has leg problems they start harrassing me, and yes it is harrassment when they keep insisting even after we've told them numerous times they cannot use it. Each one thinks their situation is different and they should be the special case. What part of our insurance does not allow tenants to ride a personal elevator do these people not understand. I'm sick and tired of having to explain this. They've been coming here for umpteen years and never have been able to use it. Honestly people, am I right? A policy is there for a reason. If I'm not insured for that I'm not insured for that. And you know if anything happened she would sue me in a New York minute. Damn...these people are starting to get my dander up. So...we'll see what happens.....

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