Friday, May 30, 2008

I can tell it's summer....

Since the town isn't that busy yet, I've been closing the hotel and the shops at 4:00 p.m. In the hotel we're putting people in outside apartments so we don't have to keep the inside open. It's like having a snow day for us because we all get to go home to our own beds at night. Once the inside of the hotel is open, Sara has to stay behind the office in her little room, and while I get to go home I don't leave the hotel until around 11:00 pm. which makes for a very long day for me. So I'm enjoying the getting home at 4:00 or in the case of last night around 5:30 as I chose to paint the lobby chairs at 4:00. Anyway, I'm resting at home, stitching (yes I'm forcing myself to stitch to get back in the habit after a rest period and it's taking time to get back on track), when Sara calls me with the latest from the hotel. We had a check-in due so Sara was waiting for them to check in to go home...thought he was going to be there by 3:00 and she called me less than thrilled as it was 8:00 and he still wasn't here, but he called to say he was about 80 minutes away. But he was actually calling to see if Mary would do him a favor....and when he was told Mary was no longer on duty and had gone home the tenant was a little distressed and questioned if he could ask Vernon to do him a favor. He asked if Vernon could tape Lost for him as he wasn't going to make it here in time to watch it. Honestly people, now you know how I love my T.V., but even I wouldn't ask anyone to tape it for me. I'd be too embarrassed to admit I couldn't live without it. I mean have some pride for God's sake. I wonder if the front desk of the Marriott's or the Hiltons are asked such ridiculous things? Somehow I don't think so. And while we say we are your home away from home, we will only do so much without rebellion! Please don't ask Sara or Mary to microwave something...they go absolutely nuts when people ask them to do that. Funny how times have changed or perhaps it's whose pocket the money goes into. When I use to bitch at my mother because she let tenant's walk all over her, she use to say to me, "Wait until it's your pocket that needs the money".....I just hate it when she is right, but it does make a difference. I do things that the girls just shake their heads over....but I'm the one paying the taxes on this museum so I need it more than they do. Their time will come though...good luck with that ladies, you will be eating a lot of your words...that I can promise you! We are gearing up for the invasion of the high school seniors...they stole my cushions last year and I haven't replaced them...I hope they are aggravated by that, but I doubt it. God I dread the month of June and these kids. You have no idea unless you have been here what goes on. It's like a month long unchaperoned party of underage kids drunk 24/7 or high on drugs. And no matter how these kids behave at home, down here it's a different story....we just won't rent to them at all, but we have them swarm our porch to sit on the rockers and use language that would curl your toes so we are constantly throwing them off the porch (I don't mean literally, although I've been tempted). Oh, mercy...this is going to be a hair tugging month so I'll probably stay mad most of the month. By the way, went to the bank today...that teller is still chewing her damn gum while she's waiting on me. And...I had a woman who walked into the shop with the phone in her ear and she was asking me questions with the phone up to her ear...honestly how rude.

Have a great night of stitching...check on you tomorrow hopefully, however UPS, & FED Ex have buried us under cartons.

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