Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank you stitchers!

As I sit here in the office after everyone's gone home, I can't help but think about my many blessings, especially after the wonderful weekend we had. The sun was shining everyday, the air was warm most of the time and when it was cooler you just needed a sweatshirt. We had 63 stitchers here this weekend for the retreat and we had no drama at all during the entire weekend. The stitchers welcomed the "newbees" with open arms inviting the new attendees to go to dinner, etc. No one was left out and that's the way it should be. I'm so proud of the women that come to this event. They are funny, fun to be around, they do not create drama, and they love stitching. They are grateful for everything that is done and treat Sara, Mary, Vernon and I as if we were family. I love you all and thank you for your many kindnesses. To begin with, I want to thank the Delaware Guild ladies, Stacy S., Sandy J., Gail M., and Darlene N. who arrived and volunteered to work and the proceeded to put the goodie bags together....thanks girls you are the best! They were so quick and they had it done correctly in less than a hour. Everyone thanks you for that..usually I forget something and the stitchers have to remind me. I also want to thank Jodi King who always brings us goodies from her kitchen. This year we were the lucky recipients of her potato chip cookies and her honey bun coffee cake. Not only do we enjoy her treats, but we share them with the stitchers...so everyone enjoyed your treats Jodi..thanks! Then Sheila F. & Trudy E. arrived with a arms loaded down. First they made ort boxes, complete with a Salty Yarns label, pictures and all. Then they purchased Hershey Bars and rewrapped them with a Salty Yarns label and we put them in the ort boxes for the stitchers to enjoy. Can you believe all this? I don't ask, they just do these things out of the kindness of their hearts. I can't believe I am this lucky to have so many people willing to go out of their way for us, cooking, bringing gifts, packing bags...it's a wealth of friendship...I must be doing something right. Anyway, Thanks Sheila and Trudy...you did a lot of work at home, and then here and we appreciate it. The end result was wonderful and all the stitchers loved their ort boxes as well as the candy. Then as if that wasn't enough, Sheila and Trudy also brought me my own Stitchopoly which my grandson had a fit for so I played it with him and while he didn't understand the significance of the cards etc., I did. If you haven't seen this game, take a look at it...it's a hoot! So thank you again Sheila and Trudy for the game...I love it and we'll be playing it regularly I assure you. Then Linda W. came on Friday and said she had something for me. I had no idea what she was talking about and I couldn't believe it when she handed me the quaker ruler by M Designs...already stitched on 40 ct. no less. Linda stitched a ruler last year and of course I wanted one so I kept talking about doing the Quaker Ruler (I'm all about the Quaker as you know), but each time she asked if I had done it I was ashamed to say, "it's in my bag, but I haven't been able to stitch it yet." I'm so thrilled that she did it for me and can't believe she did it for me. So Linda, thank you so very much...you know I love it. I've put it in the showcase so if you get into the shop stop by and take a look at it. Then Mary P. came in and said she had something for me (can you believe this?) and she brought me a gorgeous handmade quilt. There you see Mary on the left and I'm the one not looking at the camera, and that is my gorgeous quilt. I am thrilled and amazed and it's in my favorite colors. Thanks Mary, I will enjoy it and remember you everytime I cover up with it, and cherish it always. But I wasn't the only one receiving gifts, as Kay S. brought my Michael the cutest quilt for a boy. It's made from used blue jeans and she has used fabrics with all his favorite things, Nascar, McDonalds, fishing, the Ravens, etc., and there are buttons attached to each block. Some of the jean pockets are also on some of the blocks. It's so cute and he loves it. We're hanging it in his room. Thanks Kay, this will be a quilt we cherish forever and hand down to Michael's child. Now I also have to thank Stasi B. and Mary P. for cutting fabric during the weekend. I'm a little embarrassed that people actually paid to come to the event and then had to help me in the shop, but I was overwhelmed to say the least. Stasi had offered ahead of time, and I had said I would appreciate the help, but then I drafted her two days in a row. Mary P. actually came in to get fabric cut and I was too busy and alone in the shop (it was nighttime) so I said, "Mary, you use to work a shop so cut the fabric yourself." And she not only did her fabric, but she went on to cut for others. I really couldn't have managed this without Stasi and Mary so thanks a bunch ladies...I really appreciated it. And finally, a big thank you to all the stitchers who participated in the weekend. You were wonderful, you give me hope for the future, and you were so much fun to be with. Group hug ladies, we need a group hug! Can't wait until next year. For those who missed it, these events are wonderful. We had a homemade lasagna dinner on Friday (we did run a little short on bread .. oh my! and garden salad), but we had plenty of wine so perhaps no one noticed. The party was fun and a great time to meet and greet everyone. And then the shopping, stitching, stitchopoly playing began. And the show and tell...oh, my, some really fabulous projects were brought in and displayed for everyone to ohhh and ahhh over. There is a lot of talent out there and a lot was here this weekend. It was inspirational. Sara also arranged for a masseuse to be here to give shoulder rubs and arm and hand massages. I snuck in between stitchers and it almost put me to sleep...and we've decided to bring her back for Jamboree. She charges $1.00/minute (at least this time she did) so it was affordable. Next time I might just strip down and let her do full body (we better plan on a half day for that....) Anyway, some stitchers arrived on Thursday and left Sunday while others stayed until Monday. But it was wonderful having them here period and we wish we could have nothing but stitchers. We love you ladies. I do have to apologize to Joyce C. who just showed up for Stitch 'n Bitch tonight (oops...apparently I got confused and put it on the wrong night)...Joyce I'm so sorry. Can I still use the Senior moment or am I wearing that out? Anyway, I'm going home now so I don't miss Dancing with the Stars...talk to you tomorrow...have a great night of stitching.

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