Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, My...are the June Bugs Here?

After Monday nights horrendous storm I thought the rest of the week would be a breeze, however, last night proved me wrong. The "hot rods" are here for the weekend so I knew I'd be hearing the cars until the wee hours of the morning, but that didn't prepare me for the assault I witnessed last night right outside my house. It must have been 11:30 p.m. when I heard the raised voices and the profanity (and you know I'm familiar with many of the words), however this guy took the Lord's name in vain so many times I thought for sure he was going to be struck down. The surprising part was there were 3 guys and 4 girls (one of which was a slightly older woman who was one of their mothers) in one group and 3 guys in the second group. As they passed, of course, one of the boys in one group said something that the other group took offense to and it was game on. Frankly, my feeling is let them beat the bloody pulp out of each other and that would be 2 or more less we have to deal with tonight. But apparently, my next door neighbor feels differently and after about 15 minutes of these guys screaming and beating the crap out of one particular boy the police arrived in force. We had about 6 police vehicles and the police numbered more than that. In the melee of the fight, the biggest mouth kid swung out his arm and knocked the mother with quite a bit of force, on the ground...and she was with his group. Of course the minute the cops arrived the kids took off except for the girls and they swore they didn't know the guys, and that's when I stepped in and told what I witnessed. I mean as long as I'm up I might as point fingers. Luckily for the people involved, Barney Fife was on duty and he's the one they let take statements. Reminds me of the families that let the person who has a speech impediment make the reservations here at the hotel. Anyway, the police are still investigating (like that's going to go anywhere) and the kids took off so no one went to jail, so the only people really aggravated last night were my next door neighbor and myself. He wouldn't complain however, because he rents to June Bugs...our next problem. Anyway, hadn't checked out the "Largest Collection of Smalls" lately and if you haven't seen this website you really need to check it out. There are some really inventive pieces on it, finished in ways I would never ever think of. It is also great for inspiration....I try to check on it at least once every few days just to get me stitching faster. We received our Drawn Thread order last week, but I haven't put it on the web site yet...but that means I can stitch another part of the ABC know how much I loved this one. I'm just sorry she didn't send both pieces, VWX and YZ so I could get this piece to the framer. I was hopeful the two charts would come at the same time as she was releasing 2 at a time prior to this release. Anyway, we got Toccato #4 in...a little pricey as it comes in 3 parts and each part is $25.00, but it shows a great variety of stitches so that's a good thing. We also got in the new Heart in Hand, Kelmscott, more Gloriana threads, yes the packages are arriving daily and we're thrilled. We look forward to this time of year because we usually get orders in, fun, fun for us! Well, I'm going to go back to work and I'll talk more later. Have a great the way, after a not so nice day yesterday the sun is shining and we're in better moods down here. So come on down!

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