Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Welcome Home Judy

That was the theme of last night's Stitch 'n Bitch as Judy T. returned for 1 night from Colorado. Tom, her saint of a husband, brought her down from a visit with his mother in Arlington so she could attend our monthly meeting. I really feel very privileged that Judy would go out of her way to attend, as well as Jackie J. and Kay F. who come every month from Baltimore, which is 3 hours away, and that's the only reason they are in Ocean City. Judy left us to drive back to Arlington around 9:00 p.m. and while Jackie didn't drive back last night, she goes home today. So to you all....thanks for being part of our group. We love ya. We missed Kay F. last night as she is currently recooperating from foot surgery...we thought about you though. It was market night in the shop and the girls were checking out and purchasing the new "goodies" we brought back from Nashville. Everyone had their personal favorites and surprisingly enough, no two were really the same. Added to the excitment was the show and tell brought in by Jennifer H. and Jackie J. Jennifer brought in her 100% completed Peacock Chair and she did a spectacular job on it. I will give you one hint...our group had trouble with the legs, and Jackie suggested that we purchase legs with a flat base and use them and Jennifer did just that and they worked out perfectly. She really did a professional job on the chair, scissor sheath, and fob and it shows. Kudo's to Jennifer. She also brought in one of the first "goodie bag" gifts from one of the first events we had, finished. It was a Ellen Chester stitching ensemble consisting of an envelope bag, needle book and a wooden pallet with a needlework insert...(Cherished Works ...With My Needle) and I have to say this is the first one I've seen done even though it's been about 8 years since stitchers received the charts and supplies. This is what gives me inspiration, as it does many of us. Jackie J. brought in several items, a Bent Creek specialty piece purchased at our first Jamboree event, the knitting fairy piece finished on a pillow and she used fabric drawn from colors in the knitting fairy...a wonderful piece..which she stitched for a friend, Sweetheart Tree's tooth fairy pillow all ready to give to her granddaughter (precious), a little basket with a seashore design from The Sweetheart Tree that was so cute. When I asked her whose design it was (I'm an idiot) she said, "I bought it from you." However, when she purchased it from me the design was for a fob and I never thought of it any other way...and that's why seeing how others step out of the box is important. It makes you look at designs other ways. I know she brought in other finished products and I'm sorry Jackie, I can't remember what they were right now. But when I talk about stepping out of the box, it's something I don't do easily. Last night I got home and went to sit down to stitch when I realized I didn't have my stitching bag. I went back out to the car and it wasn't there and I realized I put it down after Stitch 'n Bitch to get my purse out of the office and I left it there. I stood there for a few minutes thinking should I go back to the office when it occurred to me I had plenty of projects home (no kidding), extra needles, extra glasses, extra scissors so I thought I might as well pull a project out of one of my stuffed bags. I reached over (I have a few totes in the living room) and found the Orleans Carpenter button box with the Jane Timmer chart and thought I might as well. The was actually a project given to the stitchers at a May retreat as well. Many of the stitchers finished this and brought it in to show me. Everyone's looked so wonderful I wanted one myself. It was small, over one though, but doable in a few nights. I have always loved this project, although I didn't love the colors. There are probably 4 or 5 colors, bright no less, in it and I kept putting it back in the to do bag because I couldn't come to grip with the colors. Back when I pulled this monochromes weren't the rage. So last night I looked at it, thought it would be my cup of tea if it were a monochrome piece and used one overdyed skein of Gloriana and started stitching. Well, by this morning I'm almost done, and I'm loving it too. I love the one color with the different shades that come from using overdyes and couldn't be more thrilled...not only did another "older" project come out of the bag, but I really enjoyed stitching it and it was over one. Now if I can only get it put together...that's my downfall, but maybe like Jackie J., I'll just sit down one day and do all my finishing (yea, like that's going to happen). I now have a goal...let's hope I achieve it. Another plus last night, Pat W. brought in the food (Salty Yarns can't have any event without food) and while we have always had great "eats" provided by our own Renee, she has grown weary after supplying us for years so we decided to take over the job and the ladies that attend offered to take one month each. Pat brought in not only a visually appealing cake, but a delicious one as well. It was a vanilla cake which she added pumpkin and spices to and then she make a filling of cream cheese and cool whip (I believe that's it and could you even go wrong with these two things)..and sprinkled walnuts and a caramel syrup on top...on, my it was delicious. She also brought in a cheese platter and a fruit platter...thanks was greatly appreciated by one and all. I also want to thank Renee for all the years she supplied the group with the refreshments....we have always had the most delicious food at Stitch 'n Bitch. Cake is considered a dinner isn't it, at least in my world it is. I never get dinner on Stitch 'n Bitch nights because I never leave work so whatever is brought in is my dinner...thanks ladies. The ride into work today (a full 2 blocks) was uneventful but gorgeous since the sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day today hovering around 35 degrees. A slight breeze...and they are forecasting rain, but it sure doesn't look like it right now. A great day in the neighborhood.

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