Saturday, February 16, 2008

It could be Better!

O.K., Saturday is a little better than Friday, but not a whole lot. The weather is a bit crisper, but with the bridge open we are seeing a lot more people on the boardwalk, and we've also seen more in the shop..whoppee!!!! Had a few friends in today and they are always welcome and we love to see familiar faces, however, our day started a little rocky, but Sara popped a couple of Tylenols and we continued getting Nashville out. Stacy S. stopped by to pick up some kits brought back from Nashville for Sandy J. and of course she couldn't leave without something so she bought a couple of the new charts. While she was in we showed her Sara's peyote scissor fob and she mentioned Sara should teach a class so I'm working on that...(Sara popped another Tylenol after hearing that). Oh, I almost forgot...Judy T. is coming for Stitch 'n Bitch Tuesday night...from Colorado. However, our Kay F. will be in the hospital or recooping from her foot surgery...we can never get everyone here at the same time. So while we'll miss Kay, we're really excited to have Judy back in the fold, if only for one day. One of the uncomfortable moments for me today....a gentlemen came in and asked if I was "dog friendly" which believe me I am for the most part....only unless you are willing to carry them, then not in the shop. Please if you have a dog have someone hold him outside the shop...I know your dog wouldn't pee on my floor but if I let you in then everyone with a dog will want to bring their dog in and frankly my nerves won't stand for it. So I have a "no dog walking" policy. I'm sorry if that upsets you, I pray that it doesn't, but it's a policy I have had to adopt. An observation as well as a warning: C.J.(Mary's stepson) had a birthday on Tuesday, he turned 14, and Mary said she knew just what he would like. So I went over to Walmart and purchased a "Rockband" for his Playstation 2. Now you can clearly see on the box that there are drums involved, but what did I care...they have a 6 month old in the house so how much is he actually going to be able to play the thing...also when I gave him his Christmas gifts one was a huge Karoke machine and I said "Please do not play this while I'm at home or take it up to the 2nd floor of your apartment so I won't hear it." And I've never heard it. I thought I was safe...clearly you can see that by mentioning this my plan terribly wrong. Last night as I'm peacefully stitching, watching my T.V., I heard what would pass for some as music around 11:30 p.m....that's right...11:30 p.m. Shouldn't a 14 year old be in bed by then? I think so! Anyway, I figured, O.K. clearly the machine is not on the top floor but sounds like it's on the sunporch which I would think would be too cold to use right now...therefore I assumed that it would be a short musical session. Assumed...again WRONG! The noise went on for at least 1 hr if not longer. I kept thinking Mary would wake up...but perhaps Mary and the 6 month old were playing the drums...not sure...must find out....or I'm going to have to take drastic action...not sure what that will be, but action none the less. Then I get up this morning and by God, he's back at it again. I look outside thinking Mary will certainly say something this early and her car is gone...she's left me with C.J. and his friend (I think) playing his rock band...good Lord! So the end result matter how much they might like to have the addition to their Playstation...think twice before agreeing to this one. Of course if he becomes a big rock star earning billions of dollars perhaps he will throw some of that my way...ummmm, perhaps I won't say a word but will encourage him to practice, practice, practice...preferably while I'm gone! Anyway, we've almost unloaded all of Nashville so feel free to stop on by and take a look. I'll get it up on the web site asap. Have a great night!

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