Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't ask me how I know!

O.K., today is Stitch 'n Bitch and here's how my day started...I woke up at 8:30 a.m. which is really late for me, but I woke up during the middle of the night so that might account for that, however, I'm already behind in my mind. Anyway, I go to get dressed, put on a pair of underwear that definitely was left over from 20 years ago as that is how small they were, but didn't let that daunt me, put them on anyway and when I stood up I knew I'd never make it in those all day so decided to change them. I had already attached the Kotex pad to the underwear but since I hadn't worn the underwear decided to just transfer the pad to the other pair of underwear. About this time I apparently got bored and didn't pay attention. Went to work and worked until Mary called me about lunch. I had to run some mail orders to UPS so I decided to use the bathroom (as my mother taught me) before leaving. But when I sat down I felt something was wrong and realized I had put the Kotex pad on upside down so it was now stuck to a very sensitive area and to get it off I gave myself a Brazilian bikini waxing without really meaning too....OUCH! Now I'm sure there are some who are thinking..."She's almost 60 what the hell is she using one for anyway...don't ask!" O.K., so when that starts your day you have no where to go but up! And we had a very nice lunch/dinner (for me it serves double duty since I don't get home between the end of work and Stitch 'n Bitch). Anyway, as I was saying we have our meeting tonight and I'm excited to be seeing everyone and showing off what we brought back from Nashville. This serves as our Nashville night as well. I've tried not to say too much about Nashville since our ladies had not been in yet, but I put the Nantucket Seaman's chest up on the site today and I have to tell you...it's one of my favorite things carried back from Market. I really think I'm going to shove it ahead of all my other "need to stitch" projects and start on it as soon as I'm done with the 2 pieces I'm working on now...because...I Love It! I know it's daunting, but I Love it anyway. I'm still catching up on paperwork from Nashville, oh, hell, who am I kidding, I still trying to catch up to October's paperwork and not get anywhere close to finishing. I swear the minute my desk top is almost showing, Mary dumps another crate of mail on me. Of course, I haven't seen the top of my desk since October, God I hope I didn't leave any food under there. My tree is still in the living room. That's a picture just to prove I don't make this stuff up...the red bag over it is what I purchased to put it in, however, they failed to mention that the tree couldn't be a prelit in one piece....I'm not sure if the tree will still be there next Christmas or if I will one day move it into the junk room (master bedroom I still don't have a bed in)...anyway, if you need a tree let me know...I've got one if you will pick it up. (I've considered just throwing it away and buying a new one next year, but it seems to wasteful). See the little stocking in the background...that's the darling stocking Teresa W. made for me last October. It found a home in my living room and I'm not taking it down. It's not Christmasy...it's got a mermaid, seahorses, fish, etc., so nautical works all year. I Love it! Still working on Drawn Thread's ABC Sampler...I'm up to JKL and I've got to say, it took me a while but I finially found a few stitches on this one I don't like. But...I just hurried through them to get me back to a place where I was enjoying myself...I'm there and again just enjoy this project. But I've got all those new projects in my tote so I'm itching to get these finished before I start new ones. I've read a blog in the last couple of days where the stitcher must be working on about 10 projects at one time, and I'm not talking about little projects so I'm wondering if that is something I should try although I think it's too many for me and I'd just get confused and stop stitching everything. I've got the mind and attention span of a gnat. Anyway, I've got a ton of work to do before the meeting tonight....I'll catch you later. By the way....It's a gorgeous day in paradise today...temps hovering around 50, suns shining, the water is sparkling and while I wouldn't go sunbath...I think you could in the sun it's that pretty. Have a great day!

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