Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's gorgeous in Paradise but colder than "a witches tit"

I have no idea what that means or if the witche's tit is even cold, mother always said it and it's stuck with me (this sticks with me but I have no idea how to do algebra mind is a wasteland). Anyway, I'm in the 'clean up this crap' mode today and have been packing trash bags with all the paper work I've ignored since October (I did at least open a great many pieces to make sure the bills had been taken care of) but I'm tired of working on piles of mail. And catalogs, I wish I had a dollar for every catalog I get in a year's time...I'd be a millionaire. Around the middle of November I start saving catalogs just in case I need a gift I can just order on-line. However, every February or March I then start taking the catalogs to the dumpster and it's taking 2-3 garbage bags to get it all out. And that means me doing the hauling, and you know how opposed I am to physical labor (I think by looking at me you knew I wasn't a jock.) Honestly, with everything on- line why do they bother to send the catalog in the first plea Everytime I move it falls on the floor which is giving me exercise so perhaps I should leave well enough alone, however, it's just too much. Of course I have to keep stopping to look at something on the web. Stasi B. just e-mailed me about the Abigail Basket. Unfortuntely I knew it looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I saw it so I called my dear sweet daughter Sara who acted like I had just asked her to carry a baby for me. I got that "Mom..don't you remember..."(if I had remembered I wouldn't have called her for God's sake)...anyway, it's part of the life cycle. My mother aggravated me because she couldn't remember her own name after the age of 50 and she passed that wonderful quality down to me. Just remember Sara...I'm passing everything down to you. Speak to me as you want Michael to speak to you (and that's so not going to be pretty). Anyway, I'm not putting it up on the site yet because, of course, they didn't have all the supplies or something at the show so they are suppose to send it when it is ready, but I just have to show you...isn't it fabulous. It's called Abigail's Basket and it comes with the basket and all the smalls instructions...ohhh, I can hardly wait. Honestly, I'm going to need a room just for all the smalls I'm planning to stitch. Of course if I never get them finished I won't need anything but a basket to put them in. I may have to call on Carolyn as I get some of these done. I'm just too lazy sometimes to do it, although I'm going to try. I think it's important that we all know how to finish, and I do, but knowing and doing have turned out to be two different animals all together. Uh, oh, it's 4:30 and tonights a Survivor night. You know I'll be talking about this I'll talk to you soon. Have a great night, bundle up folks as it's freezing out and they are calling for snow...great weather for staying in a stitching.

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