Saturday, February 9, 2008

February 8th...

It's 5:00 a.m. and I've been working for the past 3 hours getting ready to hit the floor running at 9:00. (I'm so confused with the time change I never know what the heck the time is...Mary says the phones automatically changed time when we cross the line, but I don't trust that so I'm just not sure what the hour is...darn it like I need one more thing to confuse me) I'm so excited I feel like waking up the designers and getting this show on the road. The banners are hanging, I've already forgotten to pick up product we ordered before the show and was ready to be picked up on Friday...who could remember that. I've been in Nashville for a little over 2 days, I've eaten at the Cheesecake Factory twice, I'm ready to rock and roll. I have to say, I'm grateful the Cheesecake Factory isn't in Ocean City or I would weigh even more than I do now. I do have to ask a question however....when you have leftovers you are taking home, and the dish requires a dipping sauce (we're big on appetizers)...should they not pack the dipping sauce with the left overs. I mean, avocado eggrolls absolutely require dipping sauce, don't you think? Now the cheesecake they manage to put the whipped cream on (like it needs that), but we had 4 appetizers that we were unable to finish and we did not get one dipping sauce. I hate to bitch...however...dipping sauces are necessary. We ordered dinner in room last night and I have another question. While I realize waiters get screwed at times, is it smart to add the gratuity to the room service bill. They add a delivery charge (I love that one...) and a 15% gratuity charge to every bill. Now, I normally tip 20% (having been a waitress early on I feel it is necessary) but when they add it to the bill I tip no more than that. It aggravates me that they add it, and while I know it's not the server's idea (or perhaps it is) I think it forces you to give the same amount whether there is good service or bad service. As many of you know we've had terrible service at this hotel, so bad last year I wouldn't let the girls order in house and we got carry out every night. But since the restaurant has overgone some changes I thought we'd give it another chance...and both the food and service has greatly improved so I would have given 20% if they left it up to me. Oh, well, enough of food talk. The weather here is absolutely lovely...sunny and warm although the temp. says 48 it's really warm and you don't need jackets....heavenly! The hotel is jammed now so there is noise in the hallways with all the kids running around (not my favorite thing..but since I have 2 grandchildren here I'm trying to be tolerant)...and the elevators, please don't even go there. We're on the top floor (9th) which means today during the show it's going to take forever to go up and down. I usually become the runner (and that term should not be taken as literal) we get our product and can carry no more I run it to the room and let Sara handle the check writing, etc. It's my exercise (for the year) plus I'm not standing around waiting which drives me nuts. Stairways could be used however, really, does anyone really believe that I would make it up 9 floors...seriously, think about it...I drive 2 blocks to work...while it might be better if I did walk the stairs I probably would die around the 3rd level..maybe even the first why take the chance. Anyway, I'll keep you posted today on what is happening show wise....we should see some great stuff and you will be the first to hear about it. Have a great day!!!

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