Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Weekend Gone By...

Another weekend has come and gone and what did I get done? I worked the shop since Sara had the nerve to ask for one weekend a year off...what the heck is the matter with that child...but I preservered and worked the shop all by myself. And...I was able to handle it. Unfortunately, Saturday I checked out all the new stuff and ended up taking a shopping bag home filed with new projects, fabric and fibers....and that's why I shouldn't be left alone in the shop. I don't have the sense God gave a billy goat. And it never seems to matter to me that every closet, drawer and cubby hole in my house is filled with bags holding projects to be done, or projects started and not completed. No, this is my addiction and my sponsor took the weekend off and I fell off the wagon. On the plus side I did work on my ABC Sampler (I keep meaning to take a picture to show you my WIP (work in progress)...perhaps tomorrow. Anyway, I've run into a couple of difficult stitches (it was so much more fun when I was able to do a stitch first try, but now I'm doing one, tearing it out, doing it over and tearing it out again, however, this is also making me learn new stitches, but honestly, some of these are just too hard, plus I found another glitch in the chart (where the diagram doesn't match what she's telling me to do). That's when common sense takes over and I do whatever I think the correct way is...perhaps I'm making up some new stitches myself. I tried to blog while I was at work, however, couldn't get on the site. Kept telling me my password didn't match my sign in. I just hate it when that happens because I know I was using the correct password and couldn't get it to take...Crap!!! So that's my excuse for not blogging over the weekend and I'm sticking to it. I look at the weather map and I still see snow in places, but here in Paradise it's sunny and brisk. No parkas for us down here, just a light jacket at this point would work. It sure is lovely in the neighborhood, except for that friggin seagull who keeps getting in our trashcans. I can't tell you how distressing it is to arrive home and find your trash strewn all over the street. It's a game this damn gull and I are playing and little does he know we have a gun and I'm about to use it. (just kidding, I hate guns and won't pick one up, but perhaps I could aim it at him and scare the bejesus out of him...stinking little flying rat). Got to later...have a great night!

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