Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good News....Bag News

Yesterday I received Good News and Bad News both relating to the same issue...C.A. Wells. The good news, we've booked her for 2008 & 2009, and the bad news...it's in November. Why is that bad, well because it's too close to Jamboree and I know many of our home stitchers would like to do both and the cost with each will probably prohibit that, but we had no choice, so I apologize to all those who have to make the choice, but at least we're on board now and perhaps will be able to change the month in the future. Sara is looking into projects and we'll be picking something soon so keep checking back. I am pleased to say that after approximately 4, if not more, hours I finally conquered one type stitch on my ABC Sampler. It was called the "Maltese Cross" was the bain of my existence for 2 nights and if I never see that one again it will be too soon....however, I moved on last night and I should be done with this section this week and then 2 more sections and I'm caught up. I can't believe how far behind I was only to almost catch up...it's a great piece...but since I've been working so diligently on it, I've fallen behind on my Mermaids of the Sea so I'll need to get back to it this weekend and finish it...I'm so close. Of course in the finishing department I'm also backed up with several projects waiting for finishing. And as we all know, I seriously hate to finish my own work...but think it's necessary at this stage in the game just to prove to everyone else (who I keep saying can finish their own) that it can be done by a novice. Today it's overcast, dreary and cold here and a perfect day to stay home and stitch, unfortunately, in my world that's not possible as I sit here in the office working on the financials to take to the bank to beg them to give me, oops loan me some money. I really think they should come to be and be excited to hand me the money because I've got a sparkling personality and I have a great sense of humor...all qualities the bank does not care about. Yea, that sums me up perfectly...I'm filled with the qualities that no one needs....why oh why wasn't I born rich? (something my girls are probably asking themselves right now)...anyway, I've got to end this for now to get back to crunching numbers...have a great day and try to work in a little stitching.

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