Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7th....

Hello from Nashville...but before I get to that I want to say a few words about the Superbowl Sale at Salty Yarns. As many of you know, Sandy J.(Jones..shown in the white sweatshirt) from the Delaware Sampler Guild came down to help a few of our stitchers put their Peacock Chairs together. As usual, I think I'm smarter than everyone, and of course managed to make Sandy's job a whole lot harder by trying to use a stronger board to make the chair, but bless her heart she pressed onward and what I thought would be a few hours became 2 days of labor for Sandy and she refused to give up on me until my chair was put together. Even though I told her Saturday evening to stop as she had put in far too much time on it and I would finish it myself, she refused to put it down. So Sandy, thanks so much for all your time, patience, perserverance and your skill in getting my chair done. While everyone chose to stitch in Sara's apartment, where the class was taking place, the ladies putting together the chair had a lot of moral support and cheerleaders. One of those ladies, Jackie J. got involved and knew what would make the job easier and drove 45 minutes to Salisbury to get the proper "stuff", which did make things go smoother for everyone. So I have to say Thanks to Jackie for getting involved and going the extra distance. It was because of Sandy and Jackie that Jennifer H. got her chair put together and was able to take home a completed chair. Stacy S. decided it wasn't for her and gave hers to her mother to finish, but she did put in a day of trying to do it herself and then Debbie L. who almost finished hers by the time she left for home on Monday. And we're all excited about the next chair which we're going to be stitching and putting together in the near future. And the chairs... they are so adorable. I'm going to post mine, but keep in mind that the fob isn't put together yet or the scissor sheath that hangs on the back of the chair...but I'll get to those when I get back from Nashville.

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