Saturday, February 9, 2008

Shoot me, Shoot me now!

My God, I'm exhausted...I've dragged my fat rear all over this hotel since 9:00 a.m. and didn't give up until 4:30 p.m. and only then because I could see Sara was in serious need for a drink and I needed her to go back at 8:00p.m. to take a class in Peyote stitch. So we went back to the room to give Mary a break since she had both Solomon and Michael since 9:00 a.m. You know I usually use this show to find my "goodie" bags and stuffers for the events, and yet I've found nothing as of day one, which really worries me, but doesn't make me panic yet (although my heart is racing a little faster). I did find something for my Stitch 'n Bitch group's Nashville gift...(I always find them a treasure...or so I bring back as a gift) that's one thing off my list, but Jamboree and Spring retreat have not faired well. But have no fear, I won't give up. Since I only go into the rooms to see product and place an order and then I leave all the rest of the crap to Sara, I spend a lot of time standing in the hallways observing the other shop owners and exhibitors and boy what a show. But today's winner for fashion disaster (beside myself) was another shop owner. She came onto the floor like she owned the world. You know the their minds they look great and carry themselves with the attitude that they are on top of the world. I give them credit...I've never felt that secure...but folks, sometimes they really should take another look in the mirror. The woman I'm talking about was probably about my age (and may I say, please dress your age)...and apparently she is really very confident in her appearance because she carried herself that way. She had on a flowing red top over black leg hugging capri's and a chunky heal shoe. I was amused when she came toward me, however, when she walked past and I got a look at the back, looked like she had cellulite on her calves the capris were hugging her legs so tightly and her skin was rippling...and she had a pony tail going halfway down her back...and may I say after a certain age do we look right with a pony tail halfway down our backs? I'm not talking about ladies who have long hair that they wear pull it up into chignons or the like...I'm talking about pony tails and pig tails (which is even worse at my age)...anyway, bless her heart she thought she looked like a million dollars....and so didn't. Now, I don't mean to pass judgement on a woman, because I'm all about women and feel we should stick together like glue and stop, for God's sake, stop stabbing each other in the back. But after saying that...I also believe we should be who we are and stop trying to be younger. What's wrong with grey hair and wrinkles...I think it gives us character. I don't want to look like my daughters (O.K., perhaps I'd like to be their weight..but I wouldn't want to be their age or dress like I'm their age). Perhaps I'm just comfortable with who I am. Would I like a million dollars, well, I'm not an idiot...sure I'd love a million dollars so I could go to Walmart and shop all day. I don't need diamonds, furs, or big cars....I'm happy being a small town girl, having too much weight, crows feet, wrinkles, grey hair, and all the other problems that go along with being 60 years old. I've worked hard to get to this age, and I don't want to be anything else. O.K...I'm coming off my high horse and now back to the show. Anyway, I've found several things that I just can't live without and I'm hoping you feel the same way. "Needlework Smalls" have been on my radar screen for sometime and this show is no different....I love them! And they are everywhere here. Just about every designer is doing a grouping of smalls so we have plenty to choose from. And needlepoint is definitely making a comeback at this show...several designers have added needlepoint to their of course we've picked up a couple of canvases...anything dealing witht the sea. The "wow" piece of the day was the newest piece of the Hawk Run Hollow Series...oh my God...we had seen this thanks to Stasi B. before the weekend, however, today we saw it stitched and framed...unbelievable, "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow". As many of you know, I started "Hawks Run Hollow" several years ago and have yet to finish it because I get a little bored doing houses (thank goodness there is no deadline on this)..anyway, I'm going to start this new piece in the series the minute I get home...I know I'll finish this one...and wouldn't it look wonderful broken up into needlebooks, etc. this is a definite winner! I'll try to get more pictures up, but right now it's 1:13 a.m. and I've got to get tickets done....I'll get back on later. Have a great night..oh, you are probably asleep by now since it's early, so you won't see this until the morning, so...have a great day folks!

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