Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh My God....

Today one of the companies I deal with a lot asked me to fill out a survey form. Since I ignored their last request, which they mentioned, and felt they wouldn't move on until I had filled out the form, I decided to get it over with. Now I'm feeling older than ever. I'm almost in the last age group...the over 65. Now age to me really has been just a number, however, I've been feeling older in the past 12 months thanks in no small part to my physical pains, arthritis, and hurt from the knees down. I do realize my weight has played a large part in that pain, however, my age is certainly not helping. But I've never been in the last age group on a questionaire. I really feel that 100 is the new 80 (these numbers move as I move up the age scale), and 60 is the new 40...and if that is the case, should they not add more age categories. Or, as I suspect, does no one give a damn what over 65's think, say or do? I should start a revolution, and I would, except...I'm too tired! But...I'm still sitting at my desk working (O.K. blogging is work at times)..., I'm still making executive decisions (I did make the decision to put Sara and Mary in charge of making decisions)...I'm still a valuable member of the team (I sign the checks), so when did I become insignificant? I have a feeling when the people are looking at the surveys they check to see what the age group is and throw in the trash anyone who checks 65 & over (much like Publisher's Clearing House throws my entries for $1,000,000 in the trash when they get them). So to all those who feel we are insignificant in our 65+ years....Screw you. (the fact that I'm almost 60 is preparing me for the 65+ category...they are my future and I'm fighting for them).

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