Friday, February 15, 2008

Crap! It just keeps happening again and again

I've written 2 blogs which have gotten lost somehow (I know it's my fault but honestly it's really aggravating me). Anyway, I'm not giving up until my blog is updated. The last you heard from me I was still in Nashville, well, we took the ride from hell on Monday leaving Nashville at 10:00 a.m. and arriving in Ocean City around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday. Yes, we drove straight through and only stopped for gas and lunch and then just ran like hell as if our life depended upon it...and I drove all but the first 2 hours. Poor Solomon did not take well with me in the back seat with him, so I took over for Mary and she moved back and once he fell asleep I put the pedal to the metal and never looked back. It's surprising I was able to do this since the minute it gets dark for my eyes means it's time to take a nap so normally in a car my eyes are shutting, but I knew it was drive or take on Solomon and I took the road least traveled (if you get my drift). STuesday was spent with me sleeping it off and laying around the house looking like I'd been run over by a bus. The Wednesday I got up and it was raining sideways in the a.m. so I called Sara and said, I'm not coming in to work because it's raining too hard (I just love that excuse), but Thursday I was ready and arrived at the hotel, didn't see Sara so I called her only to find out that she was taking a snow day. Apparently the 1/2" snow that barely covered the ground was reason enough to close down the schools here so Sara went shopping. That, of course, meant that I too had to take a snow day (I mean it wouldn't look right if just Sara took it and I didn't want her to look bad). So we had 3 days off this week and were ready to appear in the shop this morning which we did after unloading the car. We got excited all over again as we unloaded the bags and relived seeing the designs for the first time. I also started loading another tote with the "must haves" I found. Oh, my so many things that I can't live without. The weather today was perfect, in the low 50's and Sara and I were excited to be back in the shop with new "stuff", but believe me our joy was short lived. Our first customer of the day....a woman who purchased a punch needle piece at Michael's and just couldn't understand what the hell to do with it. Now, it's one thing to purchase you stuff at Michael's (that I understand if it's cheaper which it isn't all the time) but it's another thing to come to the independents and ask them to help you figure out Michael's stuff. But anyone who knows me knows that I am always willing to help people with their "stuff"...however, she starts telling me how she doesn't understand the directions or anything else and I said, "Did you bring the kit with you and the punchneedle" and of course she hadn't brought in any of it. She was hoping I could help her without her having to do any of the work. After looking at her to see if she had forgotten to take her medication I decided to do what I always do ... I asked Sara to help her. Sara is not as willing as I am to help so she looks at me with that "Are you kidding me" expression which I completely ignore and the woman heads to her. Apparently, this woman not only didn't understand the entire concept of punchneedle she was also incapable of listening to directions when given. Sara must have repeated herself 6 times and the woman still didn't get it. Sara opened one of our punchneedles and demonstrated over and over and nothing. I did suggest to the woman that the next time she needed help with something she needed to bring the item into the shop for assistance. It took great restraint not to say, "How about taking that back to Michael's for help since they sold it to you." Anyway, we finally get her out of the shop (she purchased nothing of course) and our next customer was looking for beading...Peyote...which we are just beginning to carry (brought it back from Nashville but don't have enough yet to interest those who have done a lot of it) we ended up sending her to Fenwick and South Bethany (because we do send customers to the shops we think can help them). And that's the way our day went...all day. I can only hope tomorrow gets better for us. Note: speaking of Peyote beading, Sara took a mini class in Nashville and completed the project (a scissor fob) in a couple of days. We first saw Peyote at the Delware Sampler Guild event in October. One of the ladies was stitching a huge piece using Peyote stitch and we became fascinated. So we made plans to look into it in Nashville and thankfully there were 2 companies that showed it. Anyway, Sara is the only one at this point that knows how to do it, so if you come in, please take a look and compliment her on the nice job she did with her first project. I spent the entire time away and off working on my two favorite pieces. Well, I didn't work on them the entire time...but I'm back on them now and finished the first tier on the Drawn Thread alphabet sampler and I have only 1 more panel to do on the Mermaid piece. Fun, fun, fun and I'm still loving these two pieces. This is a big weekend for us since it's the double whammy...President's Weekend which means a long weekend and it's the annual boat show. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I can only hope things get better. Oh, yea...the bridge is open again. That's right the route 50 bridge has finally reopened and right on time. So now I'll eat a little crow and say, I apologize to all the state road workers who I insinuated never got a job done on time. I'm sorry, I was wrong! This time you did it and on time...I couldn't be prouder. I had no idea the bridge closing would affect me the way it did. It was like losing a limb. Anyway, I'm working at home now trying to get caught up so please try to stick with me as I struggle with all this. Have a great weekend!

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