Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Ugly in Paradise

I do mean's rainy, overcast, not snowy and pretty, wet and damp like a dog's coat..yes I do believe it smells doggy here (or could that be me?) Anyway, I'm trying to find a bright side of the day....forgot it there is no bright side here, I'll just try to get through it as quickly as I can. Anyway, Survivor happened, Yauman got kicked off and he was the person I was rooting for so now I'm aggravated at the entire program. But on the upside....I finished the Sampler Scissors Box...or should I say I finished the I have to put it together (a whole other issue for me)...anyway, that was exciting. And I will finish another section of my ABC Sampler tonight...oh, I'm on a roll. We uncovered the "Hearts of America" kit, which Sara said we didn't get in Nashville, but apparently she was wrong because I found it in a bag this morning (we're still unpacking...actually Sara finished this morning) so Joyce, we have it in house now. Sara just called over to say, "Guess what just arrived from With My Needle?" and I said, "The basket" at which time I heard a gasp, a sign and a big NO MOM, the turtles. When I said to her, look, stop with all the noises when I don't guess correctly, I'm going to be 60 in a few months and I can't help it if I don't guess correctly. She informed me I was guessing wrong much more than I use to and it was annoying her. So for all the daughters out there....I am you in a few years so get over yourselves and treat your mother as you would like to be treated when you can't remember her name or where you parked your car, or whether or not you put your underwear on before you left the house. We are all headed in the same direction. It's not as if your mind is going to move that quickly when you get to reach 60...know that, and resolve to have a little more patience with us as we did with you when you were young and stupid, (not so long ago). We're trying and we're here, count your blessings. And Sara remember when I left for France and you had to do my work? Remember what you said when I got back? You didn't realize how much work I did and you didn't enjoy having to do it all. Well, perhaps that's why I can't remember everything because I'm still keeping 100 balls in the air on any given day. Give me a break. But the good news is...We got the Turtles in...and are they cute!!!! By the way, I think I told you that the Route 50 bridge was open again. I feel like a free woman now and try to find things to do that makes me go across the bridge just so I can said I did. It's strange how dependent we are on having that bridge open. There are 3 ways off this island, Route 50 bridge, Route 90 bridge around 62nd street, and drive through Delaware. Route 50 is the closest to me so I never use the other two routes so closing one of them would not have bothered me. That's why they did it...all to get at me. Yes, I'm sure that was the reason...and it worked. Not having that bridge for a month sucked the joy out of my life, but the Joy is back and I'm grateful.

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