Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7...part 2

Alright I'm having issues here...which I will get to next, but I have to finish Superbowl...O.K., we had a great weekend, great and I do mean great weather (if you forget about Friday) jackets were needed and the sun was out! Sara had a great reception for the 3 retreat groups Friday night at her place and the food was outstanding as usual, the company stimulating and funny and everyone had a great time. Then Saturday the ladies started pulling their "stash" for Sunday's sale. Linda W. came over from Cambridge to join the stitchers who sat upstairs and stitched (along with the girls putting the chairs together)'s so sunny in Sara's place that Linda was able to work on her 40ct. Jamboree project from Maureen Appleton. Jane, originally from Arkansas, joined Debbie L.'s group from Pa. and she became our customer conceirge (although she refused to deal with the one customer we had that was difficult)...but she did a bang up job in cutting fabric...she cut fabric for 3 days straight...never went upstairs...stayed from opening to closing...loved her for that. Stasi B. came up for the retreat and had offered to cut for us, but Jane staked her claim to the spot and Stasi wasn't able to get near the table until Sunday when she helped as well. Ladies thank you so made our day go so much easier. And last but not least, Debbie L. who offered to be our shipping department conceirge...where did you go? Sara ended up doing your Debbie...we need to work on your conceirge skills (that doesn't look right but I'm going with it) since Sara ended up doing all the shipping on Tuesday. We love ya anyway Debbie! Anyway, we all had a wonderful time and can't wait for next year. And finally...thanks for Sandy for bringing me a beautiful gift, a nightlight with a stitched shade and the stitching...a beautiful shell scene...I'm going to try to get you a picture but I'm having issues. Anyway, also thanks to Stasi B. who brought both Sara and I a Whitman's tin with cookies inside (that we ate in the first 15 minutes I might add...good, good, good and a tin to stitch a lid for...whoopee!). Thanks everyone for all you do for me, I love you all!

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