Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7th...Part 3

This is my third attempt to get the chair on the blog...I swear I'm about to toss this whole thing in the toilet....but that would mean I'd have a whole new set of problems....anyway, here is my beautiful chair...thanks to Sandy Jones. The tassel is on the drawer which actually opens and is deep enough and big enough to hold needles or other small needlework accessories. The only thing missing is a small toss pillow which is actually a scissor fob attached to a pair of scissors which is sheathed on the back of the chair. Cute, cute, cute. And now I'm going to stitch the new "Friendship Chair" and put it together myself...I swear...(Sandy keep your phone handy because you know I might be calling.) I'm going to keep going with this although the other pictures aren't coming up...what the hell is this problem..honestly, I need a tech person with me. Anyway, I'll move on for the moment to Nashville. We had a rather uneventful time getting here...we missed the tornados although we did hit the horrendous rain that came with them...but we arrived and the weather starting Wednesday couldn't have been better. Wednesday it was 72 on the way down...however, today, Thursday it has gone down to the 40's-50's. We arrived and of course our rooms were not ready so we went shopping (what else is there to do). When we got back we went into the new restaurant and while I find it really odd to find a seafood restaurant in this hotel, with no water around anywhere, we ordered shrimp and it wasn't bad...but oyster Nachos? Whose idea was that I won't even begin to think about ordering those things. However, Thursday they took away the menus and went with the usual fixed menu. Now explain that to me. The hotel is packed, every room taken and they go with a fixed menu instead of an open menu. So while I won't miss the Oyster Nachos, where are the pan fried shrimp, or coconut shrimp..although they didn't serve the right sauce with the coconut shrimp..who serves cocktail sauce with coconut shrimp? (this is what happens when you serve seafood and you don't live near the ocean). Sara and Michael flew in today and we took them to the restaurant so they could see it had changed. So we're working with the fixed menu, Sara got a steak dinner, I got lasagna and Mary got the vegetable pasta. Now...have you ever ordered a dinner, and had it come with nothing? No bread..with lasagna? Are you kidding me? So I asked the waiter for bread and he looked like I had shot him in the foot. He said, "We aren't serving bread this weekend"...what? How do you have dinners on a menu and you don't serve rolls? How do you have lasagna and not have any bread to sop up the sauce? Honestly...anyway, they seem to tandum serve here so the other server who happen to be a woman stopped him and said we'll find a roll. Find it, you served them last night, go in the kitchen and just pull one out! So in about 10 minutes here he came with something in his hands covered with a napkin. He brings it over, leans over and says to me, "We aren't suppose to serve these this weekend, but I found a few rolls and I'm bringing them to you, but I've had to cover them so no one else will realize I'm giving them to you. Now the truth is, I didn't really need or want the roll, it was the fact that they didn't think they should serve them (this is definitely going to be a letter to the Hilton chain, but by now they expect to hear from me since I write them every single year and mention the disappointment in their restaurant). Then we get back to the room and I forgot Survivor was on. Oh, my God, stitching and survivor...they go hand in hand. Well, I don't have a lot to say about it, except I am thrilled Jon was voted off...I always found his lies offensive. I was glad to see Yeo Man back as well as James but then there were a couple of people I didn't even is that possible since you know I watch this religiously. Well, perhaps it's my memory is about the length of a needle if that. Anyway, I was happy the fans won since the veterans were so cocky...that just doesn't work for me. I always go for the's who I am.

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