Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, My God.....did it snow!

I'm not sure how many inches we got, but folks...we had an event. It started snowing around 8:30 a.m Saturday and stopped around 2:30 a.m. Sunday....and we have piles to show for it. Back in the 80's or late 70's we had a snow event which dropped 12 inches in one time and a day later added 6 more in comparison this was not that big a deal. But in 20 years we've had so little snow it really isn't worth mentioning until now. We ended up with perhaps 8 inches give or take and for us that is monumental. Plus with drifts...well in some places we could bury a dead body which wouldn't be found for some time....well a couple of days before this melts. Usually the 1 inch we get is melted in a day, but this should be hanging around for a couple of days with the temps in the 20's. Well, actually while the temperature was in the 20's this morning, by afternoon it was in the 30's - 40's, so the melting has begun. This morning I wanted to get pictures of the beach with snow on it for those who have asked if snow sticks to the beach and so regardless of the fact that alleys have not been plowed, and the plow only does a once down on our side streets, Michael and I got in the car to try to get to the hotel to get a shovel. Not a snow shovel since no one here bothers to own one of those, but we do use shovels periodically at the hotel after a northeaster' or a hurricane to rearrange sand. So we did well, we got through the mound put in front of my car by the snow plow, rode down to about 20th street on Philadelphia Ave., and came back to 8th to the hotel. But the alley snow was just too deep and I was afraid to get stuck so I backed back down 8th and went down 9th street so I could get pictures as the snow was none existent in places there. But when I started backing up to get back to the alley there, I got stuck and my wheels just spun. Let me preface what I'm about to say by stating I never use my emergency brake since we are in flat land country....there's no need for an emergency break. Anyway, Michael and I tried to dislodge the wheels but to no avail, so eventually I had to bite the bullet and call for Sara and Vernon to come get me out. Sara arrived first with shovels in hand and she started digging. You could smell the burning rubber (I think it was rubber) in the car so I knew I was doing nothing but balding my tires. Anyway, we struggled for a couple of minutes before Vernon arrived and he fiddled with the snow and tires and then told Sara to get in and drive, which she tried doing and then Vernon asked her if the emergency brake was off and low and behold...well, Houston, I think we found our problem and the source of our rubber smell. Once it was off we had no problem. I swear I didn't put it on....but anyway, the important thing here is I made the children laugh at me once more so who cares how I got going but I managed to get back home, park the car and swear to everyone I wouldn't go out again until the roads were cleared...whenever that is going to be. And while they were here at my house they shoved the walkway, stairs and the now who's stupid? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures I risked my life (well, I suppose I could have frozen to was in the 20's at that point) for. The first and last picture is taken in front of the comfort station on 9th street looking at the Alaska Stand. The second picture is the view of the ocean and the snow covered beach. The third picture is the boardwalk at 9th looking north. You can see how it drifts here with snow mounding in places and non-existent in others. Yesterday I started my day flitting from the living room sofa stitching to my stitching room where I am still unpacking totes and organizing supplies...this appears to be a never ending job. Anyway, I'd do that for about 1 hour and then go back to stitching...that is until around 2:30 when I heard a knock on my door. And there stood Michael and C.J. with my 3rd grandchild on his way along with his parents. My stitching came to an abrupt end and caos ensued. But it was fun caos as always when the grandchildren are here. And a couple of hours later I sent them on their way with come of the Leak and Potato soup I made Saturday morning anticipating a cold day. Michael wanted to spend the night so after short negotiations with his mother we went out in the storm to pick up his clothes and some games. The short drive told me that no one and I do mean no one should have been out in the storm. The roads were at that point unplowed and becoming inpassable. Anyway we came right home and hunkered down for the duration. Sunday, after summoning Sara and Vernon they made Michael go home to give me a day off again, and I spent most of the day stitching. I've almost finished my Stitcher's Treasure Box...Yippee!!!! I've started some finishing work as well and I've also been back to the organizing. Yes, I've managed to make the time off meaningful. I've stayed busy...but best of all I've stayed in my P.J.'s. I hope you are having as much fun as I to you later.


Lee said...

I love the photos of snow on the boardwalk!

April Mechelle said...

Loved all the snow pictures !! Loved the snow on the beach the best.