Thursday, January 21, 2010


That scream you just heard was me celebrating the fact that I think I finished changing over the shipping calculator...yes, I think I'm done!!! Of course we still ship using actual costs so the calculator doesn't mean anything to least as long as the shipping it calculates is over the actual. If it's under the actual we eat the difference so in that case that's what you'd pay. Anyway, it's a great relief to have it done and now I can move on. I've been updating the web site, you may have noticed, so you are going to see some of the items that came out before Christmas...but I've got to get them up so please be patient with me. Today is actually a "snow" day for reality it's a rain 9:30 a.m. it was raining sideways and the wind would blow you across the street so I made an executive decision and decided to close for the day. Sara could be heard 2 streets away screaming and dancing for joy when I called her to say, "Stay in your jammies...we're not opening." I immediately sat down to work on a project that is a gift so I can't show it here yet, and I did Queen Stitches (240) until I thought I'd loose my mind. I really don't mind doing them....but 240...well even I have my limit. Anyway, the project is completed which means I now have to do the finishing (crap...not my strong suit). I was so concentrated on the project and getting it done, when I finally thought it was time for lunch I found it was 1:50 p.m. How the hell did I miss lunch. And then the question, do I eat lunch this late or do I just wait for dinner. Normally you would think I'd go for the lunch, but if I kept stitching I would be able to get this project done so I continued to stitch. Now I have a headache and I'm nauseous, but I'll live through it. Then I looked around the house and thought perhaps I should do a little housework...just so they don't condemn things here...although after watching Hoarders on T.V., I feel like I'm a neat freak! Honestly, I know I've talked about this show before, but I really seriously don't know how these folks live in the mess. We all have our little quirks, but whoa, mind would completely shut down with all that clutter around me. It's about to shut down when I'm in the stitching room/computer lab I have here at the house. Now that the rest of the house has been cleaned up and everything put away, all furniture in place and excess moved stitching room remains the last room to be straightened up. During Christmas it became my gift wrapping station (it's a great multipurpose room) I've got tissue paper, boxes of all sizes, shopping bags I refuse to throw away, and 7 bags of ribbon and bows all that need to go somewhere. I did clean out one closet and load all the Christmas gift wrapping supplies in there, even though I couldn't bring myself to throw very much steps, baby steps. I did manage to take several things out of Michael's oops, the boys room, and bag it for the church opportunity I'm slowly getting rid of things, but my to deal with the totes loaded with kits, fabric, floss, books, leaflets, and God only knows what else. I need an intervention. Monday Sara was returning charts, fabric, etc., back to stock that have been sitting in totes in the office (I plead the 5th as to how they ended up there) and just as fast as she was returning the items into stock, I was sitting in front of the "New" rack pulling off charts, kits, etc., and putting them in a new tote (I got in the mail,) and while I'm not certain I have to have these items...I just have to take them home and look at them a little bit more before I make any final decisions. Just what I need, more stuff at home. Well, it's now Tuesday and the sun is shining brightly so it looks like I'm bound for work. So I must say so long for to you later.....have a great day.

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