Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther Kings Day!

Ocean City was busy this past weekend as it usually is on a 3 day weekend, but this was also the weekend of Camp Wannastitch and there was a scrapbook convention in town at the same hotel, The Clarion. We were grateful that many of the stitchers and a few of the scrapbookers managed to find their way to our shop. They kept Sara very busy cutting fabric and finding charts, and as for me, well, I managed to sit through most of it....stitching on my "just add tinsel" project. I am so excited about this project and know that the finishing is going to test my patience, but I am not letting it deter me from the project. I'll try to get a picture of it up tonight. Here you see Linda Wimbrow who came in to stitch Friday, Saturday and Sunday...she was missing her husband who has been in Costa Rico for the past 2 weeks surfing. Then there's Greg who stops by on Sundays to stitch and eat (this week he brought a delicious lemon cake...loved it!), and if you look closely you will notice there is no needle or thread in his hand but he wanted you to think he's stitching. He actually is usually stitching but he momentarily lost his needle when I decided to take pictures. Then there's Stacy Stinson checking out the racks while Sara helps a Camp Wannstitch stitcher with fibers. We had a fun day inspite of the rain...all day...rain! And last night there was not only a torrential rainfall (the water was running down the streets as there was no where else for it to go there was so much of it), but we also had thunder and lightning. It was a gulley washer as my grandmother use to say. But this morning, a little overcase but no rain. So with schools out, banks closed and the post office closed, we shall be in the shop once again...stitching, watching moves and chatting. Hopefully a customer or two will come by to give us something to do otherwise this is going to be one of those long days. Well, the day was long, in fact we had only a couple of customers until 3:00 p.m. and then we held out breath hoping they didn't stay past 4:00 p.m. Fortunately for us all they shopped, purchased and managed to get out by 4:00...thank God, I'm not sure I could have stopped Sara from ushering them out the door. On the plus side, today was gorgeous...40's, sunny and little or no wind. So I have to say our 3 days weekend was a success. We stitched the entire day...when I wasn't grabbing charts to put in my stash. My "Just Add Tinsel" is coming right along...I'll have pictures for you tomorrow. Have a great night and keep on stitching.

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April Mechelle said...

Sounds like you have been getting some good stitching in !!! Keep it up !! Can't wait to see pictures !!!