Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold but beautiful......

Today is sunny and beautiful, but the temperature is
really really cold....which I'm sure most of you can relate to since I do think we are all suffering alike. Above you see some of the ornaments I was given this year. The first and third were from my Secret Santa, Joyce Carter, who I have to say has stitched some truly beautiful ornaments over the years for me and is largely responsible for my being able to put up a tree with nothing but stitched it! The middle ornament on the top row was stitched by Beth Jernigan and I also love it. Bargello has always been one of my favorite stitches. While I don't use it alot in Cross Stitch, I used it a lot when I did needlepoint. While I was able to stitch it quickly, back in the day, I notice I have a harder time when using the stitch in Counted Cross Stitch. Below the first row of ornaments, you see my progress on "My Stitching Treasures"....I couldn't be more thrilled with the progress, however I have had to rip out quite a bit (in my opinion). The bargello section in this I had to restart I can't tell you how many times....what happened to my brain for God's sake? I can't remember having this much trouble with bargello. That's why Beth's ornament means so much more to me....I envy her being able to stitch it and then getting it finished. Finishing onto a ball couldn't have been that easy either. Back to "My Stitching Treasures", I'm sorry I didn't stitch this along with everyone else from my group. So far I have had to rip out the leaves on the border of the first part because I did them in the wrong color. Then after stitching the line which is the border around the block, it didn't match up to the top border which I did a while ago. However, as it turned out I made a mistake in spacing between the first row and the rest of the block therefore by ripping out that top border and redoing it I was able to correct things. Then I stitched the words, "My Stitching" using 2 threads which after looking at Joyce's model in the shop realized that should have been done with 1 thread, so that I ripped out. At this point I felt perhaps I should read the directions with each block. Just like a man I felt I could just wing it, but really ... it just saves time to read first and then stitch. While I did the grapes in 2 threads as well...I'm leaving that alone...kind of like the dimension. The block done in golds under the grapes I had to rip out because again, I screwed up the spacing. But after that I counted each space numerous times before stitching so I wouldn't have to rip as much. I love the over one on this piece and find that with my magnifiers I've had no trouble with it at all. I just can't wait to come home and stitch more. This is my at home project, I have a different project at the shop which I'll get a picture of as I plan on taking my camera with me at all times just in case. Well, I've got to get ready for work...oh, yea, updating the web site shipping...I'm through the C' I tackle the D's and E's. I'll be done in no time. Have a great to you soon

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