Saturday, January 9, 2010

Countdown begins.....

February 6 & 7, 2010...official dates for our Superbowl Sale. So get your items ready, call it in, come on in, send up a smoke signal (and then call us because I won't be able to read the smoke)...anything..just contact us and get your discount during that weekend. I'm sure the shopping cart shipping will be done by then so you can use it as well. I'll be catching up with items going on the web site as well in the next month so keep checking back. Today Linda Wimbrow got bored at home...her husband is surfing in Costa Rico and Candi is away with her fiance on vacation on the hot beaches of Cancun so she decided she'd spend the day with Sara and me. She's working on the Big Round piece from Bent Creek and as you can see she doesn't have a whole lot left to stitch. Sara is showing off her new Trollbeads Bracelet and necklace. She has more fun just playing with the beads and charms. And the Bird with the strawberry was Sara's Christmas gift from me. I just love these Just Nan enamel boxes. I've got her entire collection starting with the Ladybug, then the Bee and finally Noelle, the Christmas bird. Love them! The enamel boxes are heavy and really well made. Nan designs just the right "thing" to tuck inside them. Nice Collection. While you can no longer get the ladybug, the bumblebee is still available as well as Noelle. I've actually seen the ladybug enamel boxes in a catalog, so if you wanted that one you would have to find someone with the chart or design a little something yourself. Anyway, fun pieces. Got to run...have a great to you soon.

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