Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5 of new Decade and I'm still here.....

Today's highlighted gift is Pat Weker's. Pat stitched a piece and then did an equally beautiful job of mounting it on a Salem box. I loved the verse, "With my two hands I stitch each day unto the Lord I softly pray, guide my needle fast and strong that I may stitch the whole day long. May every X be wrought with love with peace and patience from above." Isn't that what we all want with our stitching? And she choose my two favorite colors,
green and blue to stitch it in. I can't decide what I want to put in it, although for now I've managed to stick some beads and floss from a project in there. But I'm really thinking I would like to put smalls in there, perhaps make it my scissor box and have it hold all of my scissors with fobs in it. I just love to put these gorgeous pieces on my book shelves in the living room so that I'm able to see them every day when I come into the house. They are pieces of art to me and I like to display them for others to see as well.
Left work early yesterday so that I could get to my eye appointment. As it was, I could have closed at 4:00 and still made it in to his office and he wouldn't have had to wait. I don't understand it....the appointment was for 2:20. So I'm there waiting and I get called at 2:20 to fill out paperwork. Then I sit for another 20 minutes and then I'm called into another room where they do busy work for 5 minutes, throw some drops in my eyes (even though the only thing they were suppose to be doing was removing this thing from my eye lid), and then they move me to a new bank of chairs where I spent another 15 minutes and then I get called again to go into a different room where a new person puts more drops in my eyes and then tells me to sit in a new area with chairs where I sat for perhaps 5 minutes at which time I was called to go into yet another room. O.K., I feel like I'm at Disney World....don't keep moving me to distract me from realizing I'm been basically in the same place for 1 hour and I've yet to see the doctor. I see him walking back and forth picking up his phone, talking to the different "walkers" leading people to rooms and chairs and then finally he graces me with his appearance. It takes him a couple of minutes to look at the eyelid and proclaim he can indeed take it off, only not today of course, but an appointment will be scheduled, and he's off. And then we try to schedule something...of course he's way too busy in January, so we head to February where she picks, of course, Nashville time. So I tell her no, I won't be in town and so now I've moved into March, where I grab the appointment like a starving person. I have to ask....is his time so much more important than mine? I think not. I have a suggestion for you doc...don't try to schedule so many appointments in a day that you stay 1 hour behind. Or better yet, stop the chit chat in the hallways and get us out of here. I saw Greenie, Renee's husband, in the waiting room and he was so bored he slept for the first 1/2 hour I was there which meant I had no one to talk to since I didn't know any of the other 20 people sitting there...(I knew that wasn't a good sign when I arrived). Anyway, my usual sit time is 15 minutes...you either have me in the chair and you are working on me or I'm out. But this was their first time with me so I thought I'd give him a break...but in March...well, let's just say...oh crap...I want to get this off my eyelid. Looks like I'm sitting and waiting no matter what. I guess his time is more valuable than mine...crap, crap, crap. Anyway, I've got to get ready to brave the temperatures one more time...and it's not as cold as yesterday...in the 20's but the wind isn't as strong...so I'll have to end here with a have a nice day. Tomorrow I'll be previewing Renee's gift to me....so come on back. It's a beauty.

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