Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Weekend!

Jen's Stitch 'n Bitch ornament, each person's initials and the back dated...done 14 times so each person at our December 2009 dinner would get one.....can you believe that? I couldn't possibly even attempt that...I'd never get more than 2 done.
With all the stitched ornaments, I may just have to get a bigger tree next year. Today it's suppose to get up to 50 degrees...after weeks of 25 or less, this is going to be such a treat...I can't wait. I'm particularly thrilled for the Camp Wanastitch stitchers who arrive in town today for a weekend of stitching. While this is not our event, anytime a group gets together to stitch is a good thing so I hope they have a wonderful, relaxing, and fun weekend. Sara and I ran up to Annapolis to return Christmas gifts this week and I'm excited to tell you that I found the proper bathrooms so I didn't embarrass Sara this time by using the men's room. Of course, this time all the doors were closed so I could determine which was which. I didn't have to return anything, but I felt it was important that Sara not make the drive alone (and of course there's always a chance to eat at one of our favorite spots, Cheesecake Factory. While I forgot to take pictures at Stitch 'n Bitch, I did get pictures at the restaurant....There's my Sara enjoying her salad, and the second picture, I wanted it documented that I don't eat everything put in front of me... I ordered the sliders this time and actually left 1 slider and french fries. I mean I do think this action should be awarded, perhaps by a piece of cheesecake. But that I even managed to do without. Could this mean something? Could it be possible that I'm actually watching what I eat (hardly with fries and hamburgers) or could it just mean that I had an eclair on the way to Annapolis. Crap, that was it...I had an eclair and not just one little one, but a nice size eclair and was it good. Anyway, that helped fill me up early. But let's focus on the main thing here...I left food on my plate and that's a good thing...please try not to mention that I didn't eat the green stuff and obviously ate the fries....I'm a work in progress.
But in the end we had a pleasant day and that's always a good thing. To round out our afternoon away, I mentioned to Sara that Cottonseed Glory was in the area somewhere so we got out the GPS and found we were very close to it so off we went. Oh, My what a fabulous quilt shop that is. The problem, naturally, was that we didn't plan this out ahead of time so neither of us had our projects which needed fabric with us so we were shopping blind. And you know that is never a good thing. But I found some Moda fabric, which of course I buy whether I need it or not and found several fat quarters for use on Americana projects and then some Halloween fabric I didn't have.
Sara found a few she liked and then we were off. But I suggest if any of you are in Annapolis, near Annapolis, bypassing Annapolis, veer off and go to this quilt shop. Fabulous!!!! And the final picture is my progress on "My Stitching Treasurers". I know I should be further along, well the truth is I should be finished by now, but anyway I'm getting there and it's exciting. If you have done this piece you will see a color mistake that was made at the top, but frankly I refuse to rip out anymore over one so that mistake will live on forever. I've learned to get over it. Or as others have said, "Mine will be unique." (that's what we all say when we make color changes). We had Stitch 'n Bitch on Tuesday night, where I forgot to take pictures, and we were minus a few people but still managed to have 10 of us there. And Kay Fletcher made it down from Silver Spring with Jackie, even though Kay's husband has been battling cancer and she's been so focused on that she hasn't been down for a while. We're all keeping our fingers crossed for them and pray for his quick recovery. Joyce Carter was missing in action due to a leg problem and then we found out she has been in the hospital at Christmas time...can there be a worse time? Anyway, we're also keeping our fingers crossed that Joyce is back in the fold for the next meeting. Stitch 'n bitch is always interesting because someone usually brings in show and tell. And Tuesday was no different. Sara had her Noelle there and Jennifer brought hers in to visit. Hedy brought a couple of pieces in, one of which was a Heart in Hand santa...cute, cute, cute. And several of the girls were working on their Jane Timmer projects for the upcoming class. I am certain this is one class where everyone will have each piece stitched prior to class. Sara supplied the snacks....good eats . And that brings us to Friday....which is undoubtedly the best day of the week. Last day of work and the beginning of of our fabulous weekend.....yes, it just doesn't get any better unless it is the last day you ever work and then begin retirement...yea, that would be the best day ever. So I guess this is the 2nd best day ever, unless you are having a baby tomorrow...well, that really isn't the best's the best gift you give yourself, but not the best day for the person giving birth....oh crap....Friday is just a good day. Talk to you on Saturday which is the best day of the weekend.

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