Monday, January 11, 2010

Did they say snow again?

Well, they may be saying snow late tonight (never in a million years will be see it twice) but this was my view on Sunday. The sun was out, the beach was beautiful as was the ocean. And the only people you can see for miles is a parent and their child walking the beach. It's still a little cold for people to be out and walking the boards. But this is the view from the shop.
Then you see Greg MacCord who comes to stitch with us almost every Sunday. This week he bought a delicious apple crumb cake to share with us. Needless to say between the cake and the piano fart app he was the most popular person in the shop...the next picture was his audience who couldn't get enough of his humor. Meanwhile, once we got down to stitching you can't believe all Greg has in his bag. He's developed his own system, called Sassy for storing all his "stuff"...the only problem is we can't remember what the initials stand for....but he's more organized than most women. He's currently working on the Sarah Elliott Box and has finished the top and is now working on the scissor sheath I think. He's doing a fabulous job on this and it will be a masterpiece once he's finished. Meanwhile I'm still working on the Blue Ribbon Tree Box with smalls...still love it. I'll get a picture up soon on that. Sara is still trying to get her Jane Timmer piece done for the April class...she's going to make it I just know it. We have Stitch 'n Bitch tomorrow night...I'll e-mail you to let you know how it went...and more importantly what everyone is working on.

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April Mechelle said...

I love to see men stitch !! I am so glad you have a stitching guy buddy. I just know of a couple of men that stitch. They just have not found out how much stitching is restful or theraputic it is. So are your pics of the Ocean !!! LOL