Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow day....

Well, technically there isn't a flake in the sky, however, I did hear the word "snow" on T.V., as a possibility tomorrow so what the heck, I'm just taking the day today, staying home, and getting my stitching room straightened out (this could take a few days). The picture on the right is the clutch purse Renee gave me for Christmas. She stitched the needlepoint insert and then had it put into a leather purse. Isn't it fabulous? How lucky am I to have friends who stitch such wonderful items for me? I feel genuinely blessed. Now I need somewhere to go in which I can carry it. Needless to say, it's much too nice for everyday use. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about a phone call I got. Two days ago I was sitting in the office juggling paperwork when I got a call from the hospital. The woman hesitatingly asked if anyone had called me regarding the upcoming stress test I was scheduled to take. I answered no and then she started stuttering and finally said what she called to say in the first damn place, "she called my insurance company for pre-approval and payment on the upcoming test and was told that my insurance didn't cover the test" to which I said, "Yes, I know they don't cover the test." This threw her off just a bit so there was nothing but silence and then she said, "well do you have any idea what this test costs." Mary (who was working in the office at the time and could hear the woman as I had my cell on speaker phone...embarrassingly enough...haven't figured out how to take it off speaker phone) turned and looked at me and I looked at her with a shocked expression on my face which read...oh, my much is this stinking test and how can I cancel it. So I told her no one had explained the cost to which she said, "well, the test cost $93 but you would be given a deduction of $1.80 for paying out of pocket." Thank God, I said because if I didn't get that $1.80 off I'd have had to take out a loan. I mean would you not have thought she was talking about a huge amount of money? Well I was thinking a $1000 for the test so the $93 with out the discount sounded cheap to me. So I went in yesterday at 7:30 in the morning for my stress test. I had never had one before so I was a little stressed out thinking about how long I would have to be on the tread mill. I use to walk on one every morning in my old apartment for about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour. Hard to believe but true. But those were my "I'm getting into shape days." I'm more in the "just let me lie here until I die" phase right now. So as I'm sitting there hocked up (and might I add that created a bit of stress with the man's cold hands hooking up wires around my boobage area), I could see that my heart rate was up a tad. If I had know they were looking for increased heart rate under exertion I could have just gotten in and out of the chair a few times. Anyway, they got me on the tread mill, explained what they are looking for, explained that if I felt I can't go any longer just tell them I had to get off and off I walk. As the tread mill is inclining and moving faster my breathing becomes heavier and I am thinking "I can do this...don't call it won't take long." And with that it was over as my heart rate had reached the projected target. I was on and off in less than 5 minutes....and that folks is not a good sign apparently. The doctor looked at me, smiled and said, "well, you did that 4 times quicker than you should have, and while everything looks fine, perhaps Curves would be a good thing for you." Wow, what a sweet talker he was. Yes I said, perhaps that is the answer, although I was thinking a better answer would be not to ask me to show up in the cold of the morning, before breakfast, to have cold electrodes put all over my chest and walk on the tread mill. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm about to fall over dead, and really perhaps I'm alright with that. That's another good reason for taking today off. Yesterday was just too stressful, I need a day off. Although looking around this stitching room getting it in shape isn't exactly a day off. I'll mix this up with working on my UFO...Jeannette Douglas's "My Stitching Treasures". I've actually managed to screw up a couple of times and have to rip out, but I think I'm on track now and pretty darn excited about it. I'll try to bring you updates which has gotten easier as Sara gave me a new camera for Christmas (I think she was tired of me always borrowing hers). Anyway, I should be progressing a little quicker since I'm doing the "over two" work right now. I just have always loved this piece. So many of you have already finished yours so I feel very much left out of the loop. But what really prompted me finishing it is that I know Bob from Olde Colonial is trying to retire so I know the box won't be available that much longer....which means I had to get this done quickly. Well I could have just acquired the box and let it live in this room, but the point of straightening up is getting things out...not bringing new in. Anyway, I've cleaned a little, ate, stitched a bit and also had my nap. Yes it's been a full day of excitement for me...and instead of snow the temperature went up to 41 degrees. So I'll end here for today...tomorrow will bring new adventures, new stitching to be done and I'm up for that. Have a great night and I'll be talking to you.

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