Sunday, January 3, 2010

Could it get any colder?

Oh, My God....I'm telling you it's freezing, no it's below freezing down here with a wind chill of 10 degrees today. I spent the entire day trying to get warm and for me that's really unusual. Usually it's Sara who has trouble getting warm, but not anymore. The only warm spot was the bathroom where I put the heat on 70 degrees and it actually was. It was like going on vacation, only I don't have my library at the shop bathroom so I got a little bored. Since it's too darn cold to function we were really slow today, just saw a few people coming in for supplies before heading out of town. Linda and Candi called in but we told them to stay home due to the cold and Greg McCord didn't care what the weather was like he came in anyway so we had a great deal of fun talking to him, making fun of him working on his Sarah Elliott Box...he's already finished the top, and did a great job I might add. But then he and Sara started showing each other the applications they purchased for their ITouch and we went down hill from there. Sara found the "fart" (yes, I did mean to type fart) application and Greg had downloaded it already so that was the sound I listened to today, not the spa music or the 60's rock and roll we are use to, but an afternoon of fart sounds. I feel we have taken a big step backwards. Stacy Stinson also stopped by to give us our "goodie" bags from Christmas. Ummm Good, I have to say. She always bakes cookies and makes candies and so we have a fun time eating what she brings. Greg also brought a goodie bag which contained a gift certificate to Carrabas'...a box of chocolates...oh, my I can feel my weight rising as I type. Anyway, I'm home where it's warm at last...thank God, and thought I'd post my thoughts and the next picture of my gifts. This was from Linda Wimbrow...Quaker Pynkeep and fob...done in my favorite color blue and the workmanship...beautifully executed. I had this to do in one of my totes, so I'm thrilled Linda stitched it for me...just one less thing on my todo list. Right now I have it displayed on my bookshelves in my living room. I hate to use my treasures for fear I'll get them dirty and then I would have a fit. I really just love to look at them daily, touch them, play with them and then put them back on display. Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of my Salem Box with the stitching done by Pat Weker. With my 2 guest rooms finally cleaned out for the last time, I'm now tackling my stitching room where I have thrown everything into one of the walk in closets. As each layer comes out I find more and more of my stuff and today I unearthed something that has been missing for years. My ABC Drawn Thread Sampler with just 2 more sections to complete, and my beloved "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" which I will now complete (as soon as I find the threads which mysteriously were not put with the sampler.) In my defense, they were in a tote...however since I probably have approximately 30 different totes..all holding needlework...that isn't helpful. But I'm emptying all totes, baskets, boxes, everything in order to get this room cleaned up of all "stuff" and then organized. I'm having so much fun finding things I haven't seen for a few years...yes, it's like Christmas all over again and who wouldn't like that? Well, I must get ready for work, however, I hate to go outside with temperatures so cold. Again this morning we are experiencing the frigid cold with wind chills in the teens...mercy, I'm way too old for this crap! Have a great day and talk to you tomorrow.

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