Thursday, February 4, 2010

I've had more snow!

Just a reminder....This Friday starts our Weekend Superbowl Sale. Your discount depends on the amount of the you can get 10% off any order under $25.00. From $26 - $49 you take 20% discount and from $50.00 up you get 30% discount on the whole order. So call the order in, e-mail it, or shop on the web site....and your discount will be taken before your card is charged. The sale starts Friday at 10:00 a.m. and ends on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. If you are in the area we will be having our usual Superbowl party with Sara's goodies, sandwiches, etc. on Sunday so stop on by and join us. You don't have to go out in the rain or snow, you can shop from your living room. The forecast is daunting, but we're trying to be optimistic...and always be careful what you wish for. Two weeks ago I was begging for the damn snow day....even a week ago, but now, 10 inches more snow....I've had it for the year! We haven't gotten rid of what we got last Saturday, although thankfully the sun has removed quite a bit of it...and now they are calling for more. Here are the final pictures of the boardwalk with leftover snow so I say ... No, thank you...give it to someone else...I'd rather go to work (never thought I'd hear myself say that.) Plus this is an event weekend which means our peeps are going to have to trudge through whatever comes to get back and forth. But I have to say, while I thought the weather report would mean cancellations, our first two stitchers showed up Tuesday afternoon to begin their Superbowl Weekend. Debbie and Phyllis showed up Tuesday afternoon and have been "chillin" and stitching ever since....although today they spent the day in the shop with me checking out new stuff and helping me get it on the racks. As we were working, sitting, talking, whatever, the second wave showed up. Syd, Ellen and Sherry spent the afternoon with us in the shop and Jayne showed up with her friend, Diana, who just started doing counted cross stitch and my shop was the first shop she had been in. And the last person to get here today was Stasi Buhrman. All of them had one thing to say...they don't care what comes, snow, rain, doesn't matter. And if it snows so deep they can't get out on Sunday, well they all plan on staying until they can get out. That's stitchers for you...we're travel through any weather to get to an event, and we don't mind getting stuck at the event longer than initially planned. Anyway, it was great to have so many stitchers in the house. And some of them brought show and tell, unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of Stasi's and she brought class pieces, like the Merry Cox Bon Bon Box, that really have to be seen and held to be believed. But I did take pictures of Syd's tote bag with Glory Bee's piece done over one and attached to the pocket of the tote. And the first picture is an album she did with a Blackbird Design on the cover. Syd's work is so well executed....such of course, I want to start an album, and now that I've finished cleaning up my stitching room I can. Whoppee!!! Well, another project to get in line behind the 2 million I already have lined up. Anyway stitchers, I hope your weekend is stress free, and the snow doesn't mean another day of shoveling for you. Hopefully after the storm the sun will shine and take any snow away. In any event, hunker down...get out your stitching and have a great weekend. And if you get bored check out the web and find something you can't live without and we'll see that you get it. Because while the web site might not show it, we probably have it and if we don't we'll get it for you. Thanks for shopping with us.

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