Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow...what snow?

Sara and I worked in the shop yesterday trying to get as much work as possible done when Mary called and asked Sara if she could pick up Solomon from daycare. When I asked why, Sara reported that Mary had her weekly GYN appointment. Then Mary called me to say she wouldn't be in because she wasn't feeling well. Since she is 9 months pregnant I was a bit concerned (knowing her husband was in New Jersey at a funeral) so I told her I would pick her up and take her to her appointment, after all they were calling for sleet, snow, whatever to start in the afternoon. I picked her up at 1:30 and off we went to Salisbury. We arrive at her doctor's office to find that the doctor apparently forgot how many patients she had since she didn't bother to clear out the parking lot and had mounds of snow sitting in the way. I got a spot, however the 4 people behind me couldn't get to the rest of the parking so the was a rumble in the parking lot. Just what you need...pregnant women screaming at each other. Anyway, after we had been there about an hour, Mary comes out and announces that her doctor wants her to go over to the hospital to be checked as she was having contractions. This began a very long afternoon. They decided she was dehydrated and that was creating the contractions so they hooked her up to IV's and for the next 5 hours I sat in the room staring at her and periodically the T.V. which only worked periodically. I'm telling you by 8:00 p.m. I was ready to scream, except that I knew Mary was as miserable as I was. By 8:00 it had started to sleet so I was also getting concerned about the drive back. Her doctor asked if she wanted to go home since she was feeling better and the contractions had stopped so we bolted. I forgot my glasses, of course plus with my macular degeneration...well let's just say I'm not suppose to drive at night. But drive I did all the way to Panera's and then home. By then it was snowing huge flakes and if I weren't so sick of snow it would have been a beautiful sight. They closed down all the schools last night in anticipation of the next snow event (much to Sara's dismay) Tuesday night and Wednesday and it looked like we might get a few more inches of snow. However, I woke up around 2:00 a.m. to find that it was raining and the rain had taken out more of the old snow...thank God! Now at 9:00 a.m. with the rain still coming down I'm sure every parent is wondering why the kids are home today. Washington is getting slammed now so I'm not sure what we are looking for. This is a mystery. I hope whatever you are looking at it's not too much snow....where to put it at this point is the question. Anyway, I wish you all luck with the latest storm...hope it treats you well. Me, well, I'm going to stitch until my butt hurts! I've now posted the last pictures taken on Sunday by Sara (remember my butt was on my sofa at home)..of some of the brave stitchers who came to the Superbowl Retreat...and also Greg who comes by most Sundays to stitch with us. The 2 finishes you see are...a Blackbird design started and finished in a day by Syd...this was her 3rd finish for the weekend (although the other 2 finishes were ufo's). The last picture was Phyllis' La De Da's rabbit. It's so exciting to get something finished isn't it? Have a great snow day stitchers....stay warm and cozy if possible with a needle in your hand.

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