Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crap, and more crap

O.K., so I thought we were so lucky....and I realize snow wise we were, however, with 24 hours of rain and sleet...well the few inches we did got are layered over sheets of ice. So I go out this morning to get to work to take the mini sandwiches and my favorite chocolate covered peanut butter cookies and got stuck in the alley (again) only this time not by snow but the wheels just were spinning (again and this time I checked and the emergency break was not on). Well, I didn't take my phone (another smart move) so I sat for a few minutes, gave it some thought and then started going back and forth until I guess the spinning melted the ice a little which sprung me forward and I slid into the parking lot of the hotel next door and I just stopped the car, got out, and walked back to my place...carefully as the ice scares me to death. So I called Sara and told her I couldn't possibly get into the shop, and I didn't want any of the stitchers to go out and have the possiblity of fall on the steps so now we're all apartment bound. Sara and Vernon are there shoveling the snow off the ice and then throwing down the salt, but God only knows when we will all get going today. The good news is the sun is shining bright...the bad news it's only 19 degrees. Anyway, I've received a lot of your e-mails and orders so don't worry we're going to be getting on that later today and in the morning. I'm telling you I feel like I'm living in Alaska at this point. I really do feel badly bitching about our ice when many of you are dealing with 24 inches of wet heavy snow...I really do, but I just can't help myself. So I guess instead of having fun with the stitchers, I'll be having a stitch 'n bitch all by myself. Good thing I like my own company! I'll try to give you the fascinating updates as the day wears on. Plus I have a lovely picture of the scooter club Renee brought over for me to share with you. I'll post it later.
Take care of yourselves and don't try to shovel too much at one time.


Rachel S-H said...

Be careful. I'd rather deal with snow than ice.

Shiela said...

I feel ya Sally. My office is closed again today. I'm gettin Cabin Fever. It's lucky I have lots of stash! Still wish we were there instead of here. We are finally shoveled out but I have no place to go!