Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rain ... we'll take it, just keep the snow away!

The wind is howling but we're still not seeing any snow...Thank God! I've had it with snow as most of you have, but down here we're just not use to it. Our town is not capable of removing it....we have a couple of snow plows but apparently no one intelligent enough to figure out that you put the plow down to get rid of the snow. For some reason they think just driving over it will do the trick. When we arrived home to find no snow or ice I couldn't have been more thrilled and I don't want to have to deal with it again, ever. I swear I'll never wish for another snow day. When I woke up this morning it was dark out (I seem to wake up at 4:00 a.m.) and I saw the road was wet under the street light and went on about my business. I was shocked when it got light enough to see out and I was in the kitchen and noticed the field outside was white...oh, no...not snow. I ran to the front window and there was snow was sliding off my car...since it was raining at that point. Fortunately by the time I left the wasn't raining or snowing and there was no sign of snow anywhere. I thought we skipped the storm...but on the news they moved it to Thursday night into Friday but so far we're getting wind and that's it. No snow...we're sitting high and far. I know that isn't true for everyone and for those looking at more snow I feel your pain...I just wouldn't want to be you anymore. I hope it helps that I am sympathetic to your plight. Now, stitching...I finished putting the buttons on Scatter Luck by Shepherd's Bush. This was the piece I started and finished in the car driving home from Nashville. Since it's stitched on 18 ct. linen over 2 threads it's really easy to stitch. I loved stitching it...first it's large count and second because it's Shepherd's Bush. Now I'm almost done with the Just Nan's "Dewdrop" which is from last year, but then I'm all about stitching things in my tote and UFO's. However, I've pulled a few things off the new rack and so I'm trying to decide now what to start working on after this one. I still have the Quaker Christmas I'm working on (well, not quite working on, but I have good intentions). I did stop stitching long enough tonight to watch Survivor and Housewives of Orange County. Survivor is really cut throat since it's all people who have played before, and a great many of them, in fact all the "villains" are people I loved to hate and that hasn't changed at all. I'm praying they vote each other off rapidly. And the Housewives...well let's just say they are the same hot mess they have always been, although at this point Vickie seems to be the only one living in the real world. Tonight Tamara was highly insulted that Vickie didn't come to her drinking birthday party which she held during the work week at 11:00 a.m. And who showed up at the party....Lynn. Lynn and Tamara are the ones who have lost their homes and families due to financial difficulties. I think we can see why they may be having problems making payments. HELLO Ladies...get a job! Well, I've got to run....actually get some sleep so I can get up at 4:00a.m. and start all over again. Have a great day....if you are snowed in...stitch.

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Anonymous said...

Love those sheapard bush patterns. yours is comming along nicely. We are snowed in too here in Ontario i will stitch.