Friday, February 26, 2010

Summer of 2010 has arrived!

Not the weather of summer but Renee's annual piece is now here and it is so cute. If you don't have children or grandchildren with you while you are in Ocean City you may not be familiar with the Buckaneer, but it's a pirate ship that you can ride on and it gives the children a fun time in the water pretending to be a pirate. My Grandson absolutely loved this ship. And Renee has captured it perfectly. As always the date can be changed to reflect whatever date you prefer and it comes with the chart and 14 ct. Aida. Isn't it cute? Good job Renee! Speaking of Renee, I want to thank she and Connie who did such a wonderful job holding down the "fort" while Sara and I were in Nashville. It's always nice to be able to leave and not worry about how things are going in the shop. I know the ladies have my back! And what have I been working on? Well it's finished..."Dewdrop" from Just Nan....and I loved working on it. This is the cutest rabbit and it's so spring with the daffodil and the green snow anywhere in sight. And in it's glitzy frame...well it demands attention! As always, I have left some of the design off the piece. Nan put 3 eggs which hang from the border up by the Rabbit's head and I chose to leave them off but you could add them and it would still be cute. And I left the bauble off (that is suppose to be at his neck)...I couldn't remember where I put the embellishment pack so I just left it off (oopes my age again). Plus without that bauble I was able to put it under glass which is helpful in the shop as things tend to get handled a lot and some folks just don't pay attention to what might be on their hands (we're right beside Thrasher's French Fries so we constantly have to deal with people with oil on their hands). (Please excuse the picture...I was having a slight problem) Anyway, with Dewdrop finished I was able to start Chick's Rule from Lizzie Kate. We had the perfect way to finish it using an Adam's Original piece. I should have this piece stitched tonight so hopefully I'll be able to show it to you tomorrow. Cynthia and Crystal were able to dig out from the snow in New Jersey and they traveled down last night to retreat here at the hotel and spend the weekend in the shop with Sara and I. Yes, another party weekend and with the Nashville market items just going up on the racks...well it's going to be a fun weekend. And tomorrow should be even more fun as our regulars, Greg, Linda and Candi join in the party. We're going to have a good time going through all the stuff, oohing and aahing...oops, I better make sure I take a tote with me because you know I'll be pulling more stuff to take home. We had some stitchers in yesterday who loaded up on the new Just Nan antique winders and the new Sullivan scissors. In fact they bought out a couple of styles of the scissors so we already need to reorder...which you know I don't mind doing. Anyway, I've got to get ready for work so I'll say goodbye for now. Have a great weekend and I hope you find some time to stitch.

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