Monday, March 1, 2010

It's sunny and bright in Ocean City....

Yes, finally sunny skies and milder temperatures are here for a week, or so they say. I can't guarantee after that but this week we are suppose to be experiencing plenty of sun and temperatures going up to 50 degrees. Normally that would seem a little cold but after the winter we've had this is almost summer weather to us. And in the sun you can throw off your coat and walk around in just a shirt...ahhhh, we're almost there folks...summer, it's right around the corner! I got word from the girls in Pennsylvania that they got 14 inches more of the white stuff last week...sorry about your luck. Right now it's every woman for herself so I'm saying ..."feel sorry for ya, but don't want to be ya." I prayed for a power ball win (this is what I'm wishing for now that my snow prayer worked so well), unfortunately, apparently you have to buy a ticket first. Strange, I didn't have to buy a ticket for snow! The weekend wasn't all that busy at the shop, except Cynthia Radley and Crystal Szymansky were here from New Jersey staying in one of the apartments and so we spent time with them, (they are in the background of the first picture with Crystal working on a Merry Cox piece while Cynthia is studying my needlework roll made for me by Debbie Honch..which I use all the time) and then of course our Sunday crowd was here, Greg, Linda, Candi, Jennifer and Stasy who stopped by in the afternoon and Hedy. My God, it's like we have Stitch 'n Bitch every Sunday. The only problem with that is with so many people I never get any stitching done, or if I do it's all wrong and I have to pull it out. There's just too much talking and distractions. It was great to have Crystal and Cynthia here though. They had to dig out of the snow that fell Thursday night, but they made it here on Friday. We had fun going through the Nashville stuff all over again and oohing and aahing all over again. I, of course, ended up gathering up a couple of projects to take home...oh, my..overload! Stacy Stinson had asked for the Jenny Bean tuffet and of course as soon as I saw it I had to have one and discovered it is stitched on 40 ct. What I love about this is everyone always says, "but it's over 2" like that makes seeing the 40 ct. any easier. However, I put on my peepers with the clip on magnifier and got under the magnifier on my daylight (triple magnification) and took a look at the linen and decided that I could see it well enough to stitch so I began stitching.... over 1. (there are no indications on the chart so who knew). After stitching 1/4 of the border I decided it was way too small, got out the Sudberry Shaker pin cushion that it goes on and yes, it was too I pulled it out (of 40 count) and began again over 2 threads. Amazingly things went pretty well after that. But since it was a little more stressful than 28 ct., I also stitched Lizzie Kate's Chicks Rule at the same time. Needless to say I got Lizzie Kate's done way before Jenny Bean's. Chicks Rule is a quirky little piece that is just right for Easter and for us the best part is we already had a finishing piece ready. Adams Original did a stand up for small rectangular or square designs and the colors are very spring like and we just never came up with anything to model the pieces. Sara and I both came out with "let's use the Adam's Original" stand ups. Isn't it perfect? Now back to the tuffet....and now more work on Quaker Christmas...I'm determined to get this UFO done. And I'm proud to say I've started a revolution. Yes, I've gotten several e-mails from stitchers who are following suit and pulling out UFO's to finish. The Pennsylvania group had a contest...the most UFO's finished during the Olympics won. I'm not sure what was won, but someone won the satisfaction of getting some UFO's finished. That is the best feeling isn't it? Got to run...have a great stitching day. Talk to you later.

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