Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting old so many ways.

As I have gotten older I have those horrible skin tags popping up all over and while I'm not into beauty, these are really annoying. I've had one on my eyelid for several years and it doesn't really bother me unless I look in the mirror...which I try not to do on a regular schedule. Anyway, while I can semi hide it with makeup, I just don't want ot bother with it anymore...or at least I thought I didn't. Renee has been telling me to get the tags cut off for years. She does hers the minute they pop up, but then Renee is cute, yes even at 61 you can be cute...and she is. So I can understand why she doesn't want them...but when you are overweight (by a lot) and you don't have a husband or boyfriend (can it be a boyfriend at 61 or that unrealistic) looking at you daily, you tend to let things go a little. But when I was in the eye doctor's office in January, they asked if I would like it removed. I thought they were just going to snip it (I should have known better) so I said sure. Then he says, "well we don't do it here, you will have to go to the Azar Eye Institute". While I was thinking "shit" I still went along with it and let them make the appointment. I think I talked about that appointment, and an earlier blog, where all they did was charge me $400 to tell me I had an appointment to have it done in March. So Thursday was the day. I started the journey at 1:30 for a 2:30 appointment in Salisbury which is usually a half hour away, but I didn't want anything to stop me from my appointed rounds (I'm sounding alittle like our postman) I arrived at Azars' office 1/2 hour early which made it last that much longer. At 3:04 I was calculating how long I would actually sit there in the outer office before I told them to shove the appointment and leave. Why is that doctor's time more important than mine? After all I am working on taxes and I have a ton of finishing and stitching still to do! Around 3:20 they came and moved me into the inner santuary, where they laid me flat on a guerney ( you know how hard it is for overweight people to get up when they are laying flat?)...and then they started the prep work. They got the solution in my eye and then got aggravated when I started to dab at the eye when the burning began. They gave me a stern reproach and told me to keep my hands off my eye. So then I was blinking like hell, and they told me not to do that. If they didn't want me to do that they shouldn't have let the solution get in my eye. Anyway, I tried to grit my teeth and get through it when they decided to do both eyes. Oh, yea I forgot to tell you that the first person put a dot on the eye that needed the tag removed so the doctor wouldn't do the wrong eye. That should have given me pause since I have only one tag ... hello people...anyone with an eyeball could see it. Anyway, they put a drap on me (I envisioned gushing blood) and then got aggravated when I touched it ...apparently you aren't allowed to touch that either. Seems to me it would have been better to do all this closer to the time the doctor was due in since I had to lay there approximately 20 minutes with them talking to each other and ignoring me, which was fine with me since I was trying very hard not to pee on myself. I knew I should have gone before I got in there. Then I was concerned I might pass gas the minute he cut me....yes I was having all kinds of issues and visions. What the hell was I thinking when I made this appointment. It has been my ambition since my last child was born never to step foot in a doctor's office ever again. Anyway, he finally showed up for the party and put a needle in my lid .... all the while telling me I might feel a pinch. I felt like asking him to let me shoot it into him and he could tell me what it felt like. But I got through that and the rest went fairly smoothly except apparently a couple of the snippers were no good and hadn't been disposed of and those were the ones they kept handing him. All I kept hearing him say was, "who keeps putting these back in the drawer...throw them out they don't work." I wish I had brought my own from home...I'm pretty sure my Dovo's would have done the job. He gets done and they say, "O.K. you can sit up now." Yes, in theory I could sit up, but when you are as heavy as I am, getting up from laying down position isn't easy. So now I'm stewing over this. I knew I wouldn't ask those bitches to help me so I just put my mind in it, pretended I was laying on my sofa, turned a little to the side and slowly I rose from the guerney. Then it was all about getting the hell out of their office. Of course they want to see me back in a week...but I can't figure that out since the stitches fall out on their if there is no problem why the hell do I have to go back and sit there for an hour....I think I hear a cancellation coming up...yes, I'm certain of it. O.K., that's my tale of woe for the week....but leading up to this point I have had a wonderful week. Well, aside from working on taxes all week...I'm almost there...I've been stitching like there is no tomorrow. I finished the Quaker Christmas Quaker last week, along with the needle tweet. This week I finished the Prairie Moon Spring Egg, Crescent Moon's..The Girls, my Jane Timmer's class piece and I've started the Hornbook from Milady's Needle...on 40 ct...oh, my God...but as Linda Wimbrow loves to say, "it's over two". With my triple magnification, I'm doing O.K. I also pulled out the ABC Sampler from Drawn Thread to finish. I'm on a roll I tell you, I'm stitching like crazy, unfortunately, I'm not finishing like crazy. The things are just sitting on my cutting table looking at me like I'm a failure. O.K., my mission this weekend is to finish a couple of pieces, just a couple, yes that's the mission. Oh, yeah, did it turn cold where you are, because according to the news although today was in the 60's, this weekend it is going back down to the 30's. Oh, Crap! Where is that spring I keep hearing about. We were so close to it, so close.

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Lynn said...

Okay, you just talked me into living with the skin tag on my eyelid!