Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer has arrived......

Well, it at least felt like summer yesterday and the crowds were here so it fooled us into believing summer had arrived. I hope your Easter was as nice as mine. Saturday before leaving the shop, Greg (the bike rental guy out front) brought Dove Chocolate bunnies to Sara and I. This threw off my whole Easter gifting program as I never included him in it since he never did this before. But I figured I'd bake some cookies or something for him. I should have known better as I tend to sit the minute I get home and start stitching and never get around to doing anything else, but each day I think it's going to be different...a game I play with myself apparently and I haven't won yet. Each hour I'd remind myself that I had to get off the sofa and start baking. However, as usual with each passing hour I kept thinking, I can still get it done if I start in a minute...and yet the minute to start baking never happened. Then I thought, well, since I seem to wake up at the crack of dawn I'll do the baking and get my Easter ensemble ready when I wake up. But as fate would have it, I woke up close to 7:00 a.m., which meant I had no time to waste before church as I go to the 8:00 service. And I was the "reader" of the lessons on Easter so I had the added pressure of going over the lessons all week so I wouldn't make any mistakes. I was confident I knew the lessons well enough so I grabbed something to put on, not the Easter ensemble I had envisioned since I didn't have time to get the wrinkles out of it. Drat...already my perfect Easter was disappearing. So I get to church, looked at the bulletin and realized I had been practicing the wrong lessons. Yes, I spent the week reading and memorizing the wrong 2 lessons and the wrong psalm. So, now I'm panicking. So I spent the rest of the few minutes I had (before I had to read) going over the correct readings and was confident I could get through this with no problem. And I one knew I screwed up! Yes it's turning out to be a great day regardless. But, because the choir sang at 8:00 (usually we have no choir at that service) it meant the service ran longer so I got home with just 45 minutes to get the cookies done for Greg. I tore off my clothes (O.K, not quite tore off after all I need the clothes for church, and I was in the kitchen in my underwear (that's an image many of you will want to burn out of your brain)...when there was a knock on my door. Are you kidding me? at 9:00 a.m. Who the hell was that. So I screamed "just a minute" and ran for the bedroom to put some clothes on. (I didn't want to traumatize anyone in my underwear.) There stood little Solomon and C.J., with my Easter basket from Mary. I grabbed the basket, told them I was sorry their baskets weren't ready and they'd have to come back after work (crap...what kind of grandmother was I becoming)...and ran back to the kitchen. I got the cookies done along with some chocolate covered strawberries, packed the stuff up and I was off. I managed to make it to the shop by 10:15...whoopee!!!! By 10:30, Candi and Linda arrived with an Easter present for Sara and I (this was turning out to be a great day). They had tote bags they purchased embroidered with "Sally's Stitch'n" and inside another bag (decorated felt...cute) with candy in it. Now I have a new tote to fill up with stitching stuff. I'm excited. The day was just getting better and better. Jennifer joined us as we stitched and we spent the day in the lobby of the hotel having our little stitch & bitch. Good times...except it was during the afternoon that I found out I did indeed need a keeper. I was in the bathroom when I wondered why the tag on my slacks was in the front.... apparently in my haste to get some clothes on when the knock on the door happened, I just pulled the pants on without even looking at them. After all they were stretchy pants so I wasn't dealing with a zipper, and in my defense I was in a hurry. Thank God I didn't have to use the pockets since they now were positioned on my butt instead of in the front. And since no one noticed I just pulled those suckers up and went back out to the lobby and continued stitching, with my front pockets still on my butt. Just so you know I'm not completely without class...I did turn them around before I went out to dinner. (like that's going to give me class) After everyone left, I decided to leave a little early to get the kids Easter baskets finished. Sara and Vernon were taking me out to dinner so I was feeling free to stitch for a while after the baskets were together. The kids picked me up for dinner and I had a wonderful meal with Sara and Vernon. Then it was home to more stitching and The Amazing Race. Great day! I feel very blessed and I hope your day went as well as mine (excusing the pant episode)! Last Monday, since it was raining we decided to close a little early. I mean we had seen only one person all day (with the exception of each other) and that was at 10:00 a.m. I spent the day pricing merchandise, shipping off mail orders, well that was until 11:00, but then I got bored and read my People magazine, ate lunch, and then searched out things on the computer...but at least it was related to stitching since I did place a couple of orders. Anyway, since we closed early I decided that meant I had to work from home. So I came back to the stitching room and finished a couple of pieces. "The Girls" from 2009 which is actually a cancer piece , ( Sara has loved this piece ever since she saw the chart, and since it was easy I decided it would be a fun piece to stitch) and now that my Quaker Christmas is finished I wanted something easy. It was fast and fun since it's simply lettering and doing the outline of the dress in cross stitch. So I pressed it, centered it and framed it in the frame from Crescent Colors. Loved it! Then I was so proud of myself I decided to do another finish, " Lila Needle Tweet." Now I stitched this in all purples, (didn't use the blue that came with the kit) nor did I use the blue/white polka dot tail. I liked the purple tail that was in the Pinkie NeedleTweets kit, so I took that tail (why didn't I just go to Michael's and purchase new ribbon? Too easy), so now I have to stitch Pinkie and find a tail for her. Anyway, pretty straight forward finish as the directions come with the kit. So that was 2 finishes in approximately 1 wouldn't have taken so long except I had a few questions that the picture wasn't helping me with. I spent at least 1/2 hour arguing with myself on the placement of the Tweet's tail. (that was way too much time for that question). I don't think I showed you my finished Jenny Bean pin cushion so I'm showing you now, along with the specific pins made for this pin cushion. This went together fairly easy once I used the double stick tape. I started two other finishes, but got bored and went back to stitching. Finishing just isn't my bag! Baby steps, baby steps. The girls returned to the shop to work on Friday so we're now open 7 days a week again. Friday I spent the day in fabric hell, cutting up and bagging the fabric that had accumulated on the cutting table. It's so nice to have Renee, Connie and Pat back .... yes, folks summer has arrived for us. I got home to hear a banging noise and loud music and looked up and there on the boardwalk sat a man beating on an overturned bucket as his ghetto blaster played on. This is a normal event in the summer on the boardwalk, but in April. wasn't as if the person was doing a good job. He was beating on the wrong beat, but I give him credit for endurance...he was there when I got home from work at 3:30 and was still beating on that bucket when I got home from the restaurant at 7:30. I'm thrilled to say that at 3:30 a.m. when I woke up Monday he is no longer out there. My street is now empty from cars (everyone has apparently returned to the city) and quiet reigns once again. Sara and I will be busy this week getting ready for Jane Timmers class, which begins Friday night. The girls start arriving on Wednesday so we have a lot to usual it will not shock you to know...I haven't finished the goodie bags...I'm a bit behind! But I'll be ready by the weekend....hopefully the sun will be shining and we'll have a great time. Talk to you later....have a great day!

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