Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jane Timmers Class ....very successful!

Our Jane Timmer's class was certainly a hit. We all arrived for class Friday
night with our pre-stitching done and ready to work. We began by finishing
the inside of the box by lining it. We were able to pick our boxes which had most states available for an Americana box that was gorgeous. The boxes were a real treat...thank you Jane. Also, thank you Jane for actually doing the finish work on my (used as her model while she finished it), so while I didn't actually do the work, I watched carefully so I'll be able to do it next time. Learning techniques is so important and so worth the work. This was so easy we also had time to finish the pinkeep. So in 3 hours Friday night we had 2 pieces of the project finished....Whoppee!!! Saturday morning we gathered in the lobby again (we decided to fore go the classroom and sit comfortably in the lobby for class)...and began the finishing of the needlebook. This was more of a project as inside the needlebook we had a needlepage and on the other side we had a scissor sheath. (To the right....That's Ellen and Beth showing off their finished pinkeeps) I have to say a big Thank You to Jane who manned the sewing machine so we didn't actually have to attach the pieces to the lining of the needlebook. What also made these pieces interesting was the different way people finished them. Stasi Buhrman decided to fore go the sewing machine for hand stitching and stitched her pieces to the lining using cross stitches. Made it cute and different from the rest. (Picture...Mary and Diane checking out my needlerolls which fascinate everyone while Theresa is taking pictures...made for me by Kay and Debbie) Staci inspired me to stitch over the machine stitching using a blanket stitch. I was not inspired enough however, to go over the stitching on the scissor sheath. Sometime you just want to move on. Anyway, we got our needlebooks done on Saturday and we knew then we were all going home with our projects completely finished. Sunday morning we gathered again, perhaps not as perky but certainly ready for action. (Picture...Theresa made it impossible for me to get her face in the picture so I took another side of her which is also a good side). We made our tape measure pouches with a gusset, lined them and then came the hard part....what to use as a closure. We all had a button to use as a finish, and one table decided to fore go the button and used ribbon someone had to finish all of theirs. Theresa Wood's group used the button with a twisted cord to make the loop. (Picture...Linda, Candi, Kay, Kathie and Jennifer) My group decided to use a button and make a hedabo loop to close. You can't imagine the thrill, unless of course you too have gone home with a finished project. Anyway, we were all thrilled. So...thank you ladies for such a wonderful time. It was the first class I've taken with our groups....I'm usually busy getting things done, but this time I couldn't resist. (Picture...Kay, Molly, Sandy and Joan) And I was more excited than anyone to bring it home finished. I haven't actually finished one class I've taken elsewhere. I hope to some day, but so far nothing. So I've been opening and closing the box since the class and patting myself on the back.
(Picture...Stasi, Debbie, Jane, and Lois) It was truly a wonderful weekend, the sun was shining part of the weekend so the stitchers were able to get out and walk if they wanted to. And
Saturday night Sara provided some of the deserts we enjoyed and Linda Wimbrow supplied the peanut butter balls and the eclair cake (yummo) thanks to both of them for making the event so sweet.

(Picture...Debbie, Sara in her P.J's and Sherry enjoying end of day wine tasting)

On Sunday, Greg showed up and can be seen modeling the baby cap he finished for his first grandchild due in a few months. (Picture....Debbie, Staci, Lois and Jane) He has been so busy finishing things for this baby....what a lucky little boy this is going to be. (Picture... Greg modeling his cap & Janie Mae)

Found this picture of front of the door along with Diane and Mary

And here's my stitching buddy Phyllis and members of my group, Stasi and Debbie at the ironing station.

Thanks to the participants, Jane Timmer, Linda Wimbrow for her desserts and the stitchers who helped restitch Kay Fletchers missing pieces so she could participate in the class. Great weekend.

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