Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been busy stitching....

As busy as I am trying to get the hotel open, and working in the shops, and fighting off people trying to break into my house, I've still managed to find the time to stitch. As a New Year's resolution, I promised myself I'd work on UFO's this year. I've been busy bringing out UFO's and getting to work on them, and trying to finish a few. To reward (we all need rewards) my good work with the UFO's I've given myself permission to also work on new projects...but each night before the new piece gets worked on I make myself work for a couple of hours on something already started. So...having said all that, I've finished the Drawn Thread alphabet sampler...which I loved working on. (Please excuse the fact that an iron never touched these pieces before I showed them...I left my iron at the hotel during the Jane Timmers weekend and haven't bothered to bring it home yet...I figure if it's not here I don't have to iron). The amount of stitches to try is wonderful and makes stitching this a wonderful experience. I'm glad I found it in a tote and pulled it out. While there are stitches I hope never to see again, there were many that were a joy to stitch. All I have left is adding the few charms as embellishment. While working on that I also finished the Little Houseworks ornament, "Snowy Pines." I stitched this over one and had fun with it but I think perhaps it's a bit small finished, although I love it small, but I think the first two were a tad larger. I must have used a smaller count this time. I'm grabbing fabrics on hand instead of working on the 30 ct. called for. I love it anyway! Then I pulled out Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I absolutely love this one, but the changes are driving me crazy. While I have gotten better at choosing fibers, the design aspects are more difficult. Thankfully most of the design aspects I'm changing just have to be left out...but the moon is proving to be more difficult. I want the moon in there, I just don't like the way it was done, so that I'm trying to change it to suit me. I've also run into problems with the color chosen as I'm not sure it shows up enough. Anyway, I spent 2 hours on it last night and should finish the lettering on the block tonight and then I'll have to figure out the moon so I can move on. But I love this piece so I can't wait to finish it. At the same time I started the new series, "Libertyville" (released in Nashville) "Home from Sea" by Raise the Roof Designs. If it's sea related or patriotic, I'm on it. So far we've only received the first 2 pieces so right now I'm up to date. (I was also up to date with Drawn Threads Alpabet Sampler before I put it away for 4 or 5 years...I'm hoping I do better with this one.) Anyway, it's always good to be on top of these things. And last night I needed a break from Shores and pulled out Just Nan's "Sirens of the Sea." Loving it. I adore Just Nan pieces as she using both over one and over two stitching on a piece and that makes for a delicate and interesting sampler. She does use a lot of color changes, but that's what makes it so gorgeous in the end. Anyway, I've only completed a small part of this but know I'm going to love every stitch. So I'm really pleased with my progress on all stitching....I can't wait to get home at night just to stitch. That's the advantage of living one to interrupt you or require anything from you....yeah, that's a real advantage to a any stitcher. We are busy in the shop getting ready for the Retreat. Renee and Pat have been extremely busy rearranging things and they've done such a beautiful job. Renee is somewhat of a neat freak....and the "new rack" has always bugged her because so many little charts were hanging off of it. I agreed, but hadn't figured out a solution...well Renee asked for the "boys" to come in and help her and they managed to turn in the 3 displays in the front to a place to hang all the little chart packs, etc. that use to live on the new rack. It really did neaten things up. Plus she then worked on the Halloween area and cleaned that up. Oh, we're almost ready for you if I can just keep Renee and Connie from killing each other we're be set! Well, as usual I'm waiting for goodie bag stuff. This is getting harder and harder. Finding the container I called a "Goodie Bag" is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. While I loved the "Bag" that was given at Jane Timmers, I just don't feel I can use the same bag twice so it makes it harder to deal with. I need separate "Goodie Bag" bags for at least 3 events a year. I usually find one I love and then struggle. I've struggled, finally gave up and had one done, but now I'm having to find stuff to put in it. Yes, I'm in Goodie bag hell for now.
Have a great day while I go Goodie bag shopping. The sun is out today and while it's a bit chilly, 50's it is suppose to warm up this afternoon and for the weekend it's suppose to be in the 70's. Thank God! Won't be long before I'm bitching about the heat. Bring it on...I'm sick and tired of the cold.

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