Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring has to be around the corner!

The weekend was simply gorgeous! Temperature was in the high 50's and the sun was shining, the ocean was glistening and people were out in mass. There were even a few diehards laying on the beach....but it wasn't quite beach weather. You just know spring can't be far behind. Michael had an all day pool party on Saturday for his birthday so I handled the shop all by myself and managed to get through the day without too many problems. One bathroom incident (not mine) that I would like to forget, but overall a good day. Went to Sara's house Saturday night for a birthday dinner for Michael and left shortly after dinner thinking I would go home and spend the night stitching. I really am anxious to get the Quaker Christmas done....I love stitching it but it's time to be finished. Mary asked if she and the kids could get a ride home as they had walked down, but now that it was dark they wanted a ride. Solomon screamed the entire 2 blocks. Mary couldn't figure out what he wanted. As it turns out, he just wanted to sit in the other seat, but honestly I was never so glad to get home and get away from them. I had just gotten my soda, ice in my glass when there was a knock on my door. Crap, I thought...this can't be good. It was C.J. asking to borrow my house keys as I have a key to their door. While I found the doorknob key, I don't know what happened to their dead bolt key...I know Brian had to borrow it the day after he gave it to me, and I don't think he brought it back...but there is an argument concerning that issue right now so I'm just saying...I couldn't find it. So C.J. ended up running back to Sara's house and getting their keys. In the meantime, Solomon, Mary, Izzy and Brian stayed in my house...apartment... Solomon got comfortable, taking off his shoes, jacket, sweatshirt, hat...etc, and getting his trains and trucks out. At least he had stopped screaming, but suddenly my night of sitting on my sofa with my diet soda and my stitching was so far away from reality, because when C.J. got back Solomon still didn't want to go upstairs because he wasn't done playing. By the time they went home I was over it all, got my soda, sat on the sofa trying to get up the energy to pull out the stitching, finally gave up and went to sleep. Sunday would have to be better. Sunday started off too quiet. Greg texted Sara to let her know that he wouldn't be coming in and Linda and Candi were a little late so we started to think it was going to be just she and I...oh, no that could spell trouble...but that all changed as Linda, Candi and Crystal came in followed shortly afterward by Hedy, Stacy Stinson, and then Betsy and Sarah her niece came down from Delaware to spend time with us. We had a regular party going on. Candi brought in her framed Shepherd's Bush "America" and you can see it is simply gorgeous. But this really has to be seen close up. It is one of the most stunning pieces I've seen by Shepherd's Bush and you know how much I love them. They outdid theirselves with this. Kudo's to Candi with her choice of frame and matting. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Candi is now working on her Lauren Sauer class piece, Linda is working on her Bent Creek Round and the Blue Ribbon Schoolgirl Sampler box...also spectacular. Crystal finished and brought in two pieces, Shepherd's Bush, Best Witches and Raise the Roof's, Witchy Washy. I finished my Jeannie Bean's Pin Tuffet and I can't tell you how pleased I was to finish a 40 ct. project without losing what little mind I have left. The day was spent laughing, eating (of course) and stitching.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures you have posted sally! haha. I am starting a stitching blog of my own. Hopefully I can get some pictures up by tonnight :) Sorry I deleted my other post because I had to add my name so you would know who this was :)

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