Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another week I'll never get Back!

Tuesday night was our Stitch ‘n Bitch meeting and we have a nice turnout, we may be on crutches or using walkers, but we'd crawl to our Stitch 'n bitch. In fact the only stiitchers missing were Pat and Candi, (who debated missing work but we encouraged her to go to work)…we think we have our priorities straight (although there are times when that would be questionable). We hadn’t seen Jackie Janovsky or Kay Fletcher(who came on crutches) in a couple of months so it was good to have them back in the fold. Jackie brought the most gorgeous show and tell….her casket completely finished. She also brought in several other finishes, however, the casket was so unbelievable that it was hard to focus on the other items, even though one of them was a Maureen Appleton biscornu and scissor fob. The design Jackie used came out of an out of print Sampler book, but the casket is locally made and there are other designs that will fit in it. Anyway, Jackie, it is gorgeous. We have actually had two of our stitchers that have finished the Casket. Linda Wimbrow finished hers last year (I think it was last year) and she did a Quaker Motif design that is also magnificent. I have the casket to do but as usual can’t make up my mind which of the designs to use. There are a few out there that I like I just have to narrow that choice down. It was wonderful to have Joyce Carter with us on Tuesday. She’s been dealing with recovering from surgery on her leg (and has to use a walker) so we haven’t seen her since December. That is way too long to be missing a member of our group. We have a great group without one person that creates drama for us. It’s so nice to have a drama free group because that usually doesn’t happen. It has been my experience that every group has at least one person everyone else in the group would like to “vote off the island.“ We don’t have that…oops…could that person be me? I guess we might have that one person, but since it’s me no one wants to say anything. Crap, sorry I brought this up. Anyway it was a fun night for us to reconnect and I want to thank Connie Heppding who supplied all the food….it was delicious, and of course I finished off the Fisher’s caramel corn on Wednesday. So thanks so much!

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