Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Sara asked if I would watch Michael so she and Vernon could go somewhere and of course I said, "Yes." I decided to take the opportunity to take Michael and C.J. (Mary's step-son) out to Sunset Grille, one of my personal favorite restaurants. We were having a nice dinner when a elderly couple was seated beside us. It is hard to ignore a close table...I'm always checking out what they ordered as their dishes come out. In this case the gentlemen got something that looked interesting, but I couldn't figure it out. Luckily, a waiter saw me looking and told me it was...fried green tomatoes. I saw the gentlemen picking at it, taking one of the tomatoes off the stack and then poking at the next one (or what I assumed was the next one) and then I went back to my own meal. But then I overhead the woman say, "I don't think you read the just saw green tomatoes and ordered." Apparently this was a combo dish of fried green tomatoes and something else. So he eats part of it, gives one piece to his wife and then asks the waitress to take it back because he didn't like it. So he orders something else. In a few minutes the waitress returns with his order and he says..."I want to cancel the order....I'm no longer interested in eating." I couldn't help staring at this man...he orders, it arrives and he cancels the order. Don't you cancel something before it arrives, and once it arrives the option is no longer on the table. I have to give credit to the waitress who just said, Oh, Yes sir and turned around and took it back to the kitchen. I really expected a manager or someone to come out and question this jackass, but to their credit no one came over and then I heard the woman say, "Maybe they won't charge you for it." Some people should just stay home! I've ordered things (believe it or not) that I haven't liked once I got it and didn't eat all of it, or I was full from appetizers to eat it, but it would never occur to me to cancel the dinner when it arrives at the table. These aren't clothes that can be resold to the next customer...this is food...if you don't eat what you ordered it's trash! Is it just me? Am I the wrong one here? It's crap like this that raises the price of our meals when we eat out. Moving on....I've seen nothing but overcast skies and rain and it's becoming very depressing, however, I'll still take this weather over snow. I have taken this opportunity to stitch, stitch, stitch. More progress on the Quaker Christmas which I still love working on. The end is in sight and it gives me an enormous break as I struggle through the 40ct. Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet. With the triple magnification (peepers, clip on magnifier, and the Daylight magnifier) I'm doing better than I expected, however, it's still not as easy as working on my 28 or 32 ct. linen. I also struggled with putting Jenny on this piece. I understand, somewhat, the concept of reproduction pieces, but I don't get putting someone else's name on something I stitch. So I struggled with putting Jenny and 1824 or Sally and 2010 on it. I felt better when on one reproduction chart it said, "you may add your name in place of ..........", but Jenny won out simply because I was too lazy to graph Sally (surprising I don't have it graphed due to differences in alphabets). Anyway, a couple more nights should have this piece finished...hopefully...and then I get to pick out another new project...oh, how exciting. I don't know about you, but I start picking out new projects as I finishing the one I'm currently working on. No need to wait until I'm finished and it gives me a little push to quicken the stitching pace. With Nashville market stuff in the shop I've got all kinds of projects in my "to do" tote. Got to run...time to get ready for work...have a great day!

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Rachel S said...

Your stitching is looking gorgeous.

After working at a restaurant, I'm not surprosed at that man's behavior