Saturday, March 6, 2010

Can't explain this one....

Got an e-mail from my friend Cynthia Radley who with our friend Crystal had just spent a 2 days on a mini retreat here, and she was on a rant. I bring this up because I want all of you stitchers to know I can't imagine why anyone would even design this, let alone a shop carry it. "Be the kind of stitcher when you arrive the LNS shop owner says "Oh *@##&" she's here." While it might have been designed, tongue in cheek, I really think it sends the wrong message. In fact when I first saw it I said to Sara, "I can't believe this chart...I think it should read, "oh Thank God she's here". So I knew exactly which chart Cynthis was talking about. Perhaps I just don't get it, but I want all my stitchers to know I am grateful for their visits, for their business and I do not think that way. This is a small world due to the internet and I realize as I'm sure all shop owners do, that you stitchers can take your money anywhere and give it to any shop. You are not required to give it to your LNS at all anymore. You shop globally. At this point, in this economy, I'm sure all of the shops are saying, "oh, thank God, she's here," instead of elsewhere. We need the stitchers to love our stores, not dread walking through the door, because they feel unwelcomed. We are thrilled to see the door open, as so many times we sit stitching alone. While I use to love my Sunday morning stitching with Sara, I love my Sunday morning more now because I know someone will be coming in to join us and we will have laugher and stories to tell. I thank God everytime someone walks through my door, especially since so many of the stitchers have become friends. Without the stitchers coming through the door, my doors would be closed I don't understand that piece and will never have it in my shop. We have always been the type of shop that should you come by when we aren't open, and call us to say you would like to get in the shop...we open the doors just for you. We are closed during the week until Easter. This week Sara got a call from a couple of ladies who asked if we were open, as they were going to Virginia Beach and thought they'd stop by here on the way. Sara said we are normally open Friday through Monday, but if they just give her some idea when they were going to be at the shop we'd open the door for them. I was working next door in the hotel office when Sara called me to tell me she'd be opening the doors for 2 ladies and I said I'd run over for her not to bother. (I love the break in paperwork). I got there just as the ladies were coming up the ramp and they stayed for about 1 1/2 hours and I couldn't have been more pleased. Stitchers are my bread and butter. I am thrilled that they have chosen our shop to come into. I'm even more thrilled if they purchase something, although that is never a pre-requisite to visiting our shop. Just love the trip! This is a journey and I want us all to travel it together. So just to get off this rant....please know that I value your business and would never consider even having this chart in my shop, let alone think that about our customers. Now, I'm going to work and pray some of you show up to share your laughter, stories and your stitching. Hope your day is as bright and shiny as ours is going to be. It's suppose to be sunny and in the high 40's perhaps even 50's. Glorious day, just a Glorious day and Michael's 9th birthday. Happy Birthday little man!


Shiela said...

I'm with you Sally, I can't believe anyone design let alone publish and make money off such a chart.

By the way, we love your shop and we know you love your stitchers!

Shiela & Trudy

Knitter Knowhow said...

Everyone has always been nice and very helpful when I've come to OC. I really liked your sentiment. There's a shop in our area where the owner isn't always welcoming and has critized people for the way they wanted to do a piece. I know friends who stopped going there. The shop went to a double store and now back to a single.
Hope to see you in May.

Puppy's Mom said...

Hi, Sally!

Just wanted to let you know that that "chart" has been causing quite the commotion on some of the stitching message boards I read. So far, no one can see the humor in it. I've been waiting to see if the "designer" will explain it, maybe let us in on the "joke", but haven't come across anything yet.

I am very glad that you're not going to carry that chart. Your shop is one of the very best I've ever been in, and my level of respect for you -- while already very high -- just went up exponentially. :)