Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm sure it's coming...and we are working!

The weather has taken such a lovely turn that I just had to show you what is happening down here. What better way than to show pictures of the ocean and the boardwalk. If you look closely you will see a surfer heading toward the ocean (of course they are also heading to the ocean in the freezing weather too, but this time it's sunny), walkers on the boardwalk wearing shorts and in each picture I think you can see the glistening waters of the Atlantic Ocean. We are really enjoying this weather...if you think about it, one month ago we

still had 10 inches of snow on the ground. Oh, this is so much better. It won't be long until we are back in the swing of things 7 days a week, but right now we are still open only Friday through Monday, except if you happen to be in town and give us a call, or know you are going to be in town on one of the days we are closed...if you call we'll open for you as we've done a couple of times the last couple of weeks. We can always find work to do in the shop so going in is no problem for us. My Internet was down for a few days, so I'm backed up with information so here goes. Wednesday I stayed home and worked on a couple of finishes. I did the first piece several years ago and it was put in the pile for finishing while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with it. I wanted a different kind of finish as I think we need occasionally to step out of the box. So I decided to make a stand-up my way. I was thrilled to have it finished and even more so to have it off the table. It's a design from Ewe and Eye and called, "Spring Two". Then I finished "America", one of the large count kits from Shepherd's Bush. This has been sitting on my desk at work for at least 2 years and then at home for at least a year. My third finish was "Dew Drop" from Just Nan. As usual, I dropped a few items off the design. Nan had Easter eggs hanging from the border and I wanted a more universal bunny, one that can sit out all year and this is perfect. The frame was also the frame it was shown in and I thought it brought it up to a more elegant piece. Loved it! All were fun fast stitches. Then Sara e-mailed me a picture of the piece she finally got out of her to-do bag and found a cute way to finish it. From With They Needle and Thread, "The Bunny Cart" punch needle, has been finished for over a year but Sara couldn't decide what to do with it. Well, one trip to Michael’s and she was on a roll. Isn’t it cute and the tin bucket makes a fabulous decoration for Easter. She filled it with eggs and it is too cute for words. And what an easy finish...she sprayed adhesive on the bucket and stuck the piece to it. She also finished one of Just Nan’s "Needle Tweet’s" and she did a wonderful job of finishing it. This is so cute I’m now working on the Lilac Tweet. I think these would make wonderful little gifts for a stitching friend. Just that little something to say, “thanks for being my friend.” The next picture is our 2010 Annual by Renee. Isn't it cute? That is the end of my stitching for regular news. The weather was so crappy (north easter’ and tons of rain) we were inclined to stayed closed on Saturday, but Sara kept saying she was going in and then I thought it would give us time to stitch together, something Sara and I don’t get much chance to do, so I showed up, sat down and started stitching and Sara ran around the shop working. Apparently she didn’t get the memo about sitting and stitching. I told her we’d close around 2:00 since with the rain we probably wouldn’t see anyone. Wrong, I’m thrilled to say we saw several people…a few during the height of the rain, Thanks Karen and Stacy, and then around 2:00 the sun came out and the people were out in droves. The boardwalk looked somewhat like summer with so many people walking around. Then the rumor about a beached whale made everyone that wasn’t on the boardwalk at that point come up on the boardwalk to see the whale. Since Michael ran off to get a close up look at the whale, Sara took my camera and followed him so here is a picture of the little whale who perished and rolled up on the beach, and Michael and his friend at the whale site. They finally carted him (the whale not Michael) off the beach and on Sunday Linda and Candi saw them taking him down the road on a flat bed truck. We're still not sure where he was headed. Sad day for whales! I didn't get pictures today but we had the usual crew stitching together today, Linda, Candi, Greg and Jennifer. And then around 3:00 here came Barbara Cohen, passing through on her way to dinner at Sunset Grille. She's such a hoot and always a good time is had when talking to her. Sara and I snuck out of the shop a little early...hope no one came to the shop looking for us. Well that's the news...have a great day. Talk to you soon.

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Nancy*Glory Bee said...

Sad news about the whale, good news about the weather there! Nancy