Monday, February 22, 2010

My Grandson arrived...a little early...but healthy

Mary called me Sunday night around 9:30, which I knew was not a good sign, and informed me her water broke and she was on her way to the hospital. I slept with the phone in my hand waiting to hear something and woke up wondering why I hadn't heard. Then Sara came over to my room with a picture of the baby on her phone. He's a little over 8 lbs and chubby cheeked which is a trademark for Rutka babies...and Mary is tired, exhausted (she doesn't even know the meaning of that word yet), and thrilled it's over. She is a bit nauseous, and managed to throw up her orange juice all over the baby (isn't that suppose to be the other way around?) Anyway, since Brian has things under control we are still driving home (originally I was putting Sara on a plane and driving myself home). Sara and I got an early start, and made it to Staunton, Virginia around 6:00 where we are spending the night. We're staying at a Best Western and as I walked into the hotel after checking in I found a bullet on the carpet. Yes a bullet! I looked at Sara and said, "I'm not sure how safe I feel here." Sara's answer, "Mom they probably have hunters staying here." Well, thank God...yeah, like that makes it with guns..never a good thing. If we don't make it back to Maryland, just for arguments sake, assume I was right. We are both in bad moods and I think in my case, it's because I've eaten beef basically every day. I seldom eat beef so having it several dinners and several lunches is taking a toll on my system. Sara feels that it's just that we're not use to eating 3 meals every day. Whatever the reason, we are both nauseous and have decided to skip dinner (I never thought I'd hear myself agree to that.) So here I sit in a Best Western blogging. I'm trying to think back to market and come up with more items I think you will want to see. There were many but my recall is slightly off kilter, so pardon me while I try to pull things out of my subconscience. Stasi Buhrman asked us to check with the ladies at Workbasket to get more information on putting something together, but when we got in there I was immediately distracted by their Memory Keeper. It is a combination of both the Album Amicorum and the postal art of France. It is an actual linen envelope with an address “To a Friend’s House” and a return address where you can put your own initials. She’s even put her own stamp on it, but you could customize yours to reflect some of your favorite motives. There’s a heart on the back to add your initials or you can use it to celebrate a marriage. The envelope is decorated with other sayings about friendship. The finished envelope is 12”x12” so you can store many special gifts and cards given to you by friends. I loved this piece. And since I have been so fortunate with gifts from my Peeps, I have a few things I could add to the envelope already. Now, when to stitch it....more added to the stash. Oh, and the new quaker pendants from Milady's Needle....oh, my this is an absolute. Instead of the Twisted Threads tin frames (which I do love as well) Milady's Needles pendants are 2 sided so you will see a design no matter how you wear it or if it gets twisted....several designs to choose from and 2 different pendants, square or rectangular. Then there was Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow...oh, my it's beautiful. Fall is my favorite time as you know, I love the colors of fall and this proves I have great taste. Each square is worthy on it's own so if you decide you just can't finish it, well you can stop anywhere and you would still have a great design. I've got to run now.

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