Saturday, February 6, 2010

Whew!!!! We dodged the bullet....

I've heard the snow totals that some of you are dealing with and after our 10 inches of last week I'm thrilled to tell you....we got rain! What started out yesterday as a light snow, and then periodically would be heavy snow mixed with rain, has turned into a rain event. We're having our typical northeaster' so it's not pretty, but at least it isn't 10 more inches of snow. And I'm thankful. I couldn't take anymore snow...I really couldn't, plus with the stitchers here...well it would have made it difficult for them, so while we wish the sun was out...we can still go back and forth between rooms and the shop so we're good to go. The snow mix we had last also didn't stop us from partying either. We gathered at Sara's place at 7:00 p.m. where Greg MacCord joined us and we eat, drank and laughed until the tears ran down our legs. Honestly my sides ached from laughing at Greg...boy once you wind him up....well he can do his own stand up. We did miss the stitchers who didn't make it to our annual event, Kay, Kathie, Jackie, and Stacy. And Linda and Candi called and were thinking about driving up from Chincoteague, but I was concerned about the unknown and driving in whatever was coming and suggested they not try to come, so we missed them too. But Greg and I did our best to keep the troops entertained and I think you could say we did our job...I'm sure the booze and wine didn't hurt either. Today, since I'm pretty sure no one is going to come out in this northeaster' I invited all the ladies to come on down and we'd have a stitch 'n bitch in the shop in our P.J.' if you do come in....don't be surprised at what you will be seeing. Comfort is the key word here....stitch and be comfortable. So the party moves on. I also want to say "Thank You" to all the stitchers who have e-mailed their orders or called in their orders and those that ordered through the web site. We will be packaging up the items and getting them out first thing Monday morning, and I don't think anyone got less than 30% discount... so good for everyone. You were here in spirit! So now I must go find a decent pair of pajamas to put on to go to work....unbelievably I forgot my camera last night, but Sara and Debbie took pictures so I'll get them up so you can see that neither rain, nor snow kept these stitchers away from their appointed rounds. Have a great snow day, rain day or sun day....and I'll talk to you later.

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