Monday, February 8, 2010

Another superbowl event over!!!!

It's 4:11 a.m. and here I sit like it's 10:00 a.m. Yesterday was a wash for me. After Vernon and the boys dug out my sidewalk and my steps, retrieved my car from the hotel next door's parking lot, I decided to do as Sara suggested and stay home. It wasn't the snow that created a problem for me, it was the damn ice under the snow. I am so afraid of falling, because at my weight...well let's just say if I go down it's not pretty watching me get back up, if I'm able to get up. That's the biggest concern for me. I never get on the least not on purpose. Although this past summer I took Solomon down to the beach and he insisted I sit in the sand to play with him. So like an idiot I did. As soon as I did, of course, I worried about how I was going to get up. I mean there were tenants out there who would see that and believe me my big behind isn't that much of a show piece. I just knew I'd embarrass myself and the family. Of course as soon as the girls saw what I had done, my Sara came running down with a beach chair thinking perhaps I could use it to haul my fat ass up off the beach. I was thinking of sitting there until dark so no one would see it...but by then, because I'm so pale, the sunburn I would have gotten would have made the other problem pale in comparison. But at times of stress you get superpowers and that's what I had getting up off the beach. I managed to get up without too much embarrassment and swore I'd never get down on the ground again. Anyway, back to now....Vernon and the boys were able to get steps cleared and salted, and get the cars of the stitchers who needed to get home free of snow and able to get out and then Sara opened the shop and the superbowl party began. The rest of the stitchers spent the day in the shop eating, shopping and stitching along with Greg who ventured down from Delaware. A few hearty shoppers showed up to shop, Thank you Stacy Brown, but most of the stitchers just called in their orders. So even though we had a major weather event, we still managed to stay open and work (well, at least Sara did). I worked on my Jeannette Douglas piece and managed to finish with the exception of the border which I'm working on now. It's so exciting to see it so close to completion. It's been in a bag since 2004....I really wasn't sure I'd ever finish it. And now I get to start something I get to finish another UFO....this is the year, I can feel it. I'm going to complete a few UFO's. I also finished the project seen here. It's a lipstick case sewing kit...unique shape that you just don't see. I was a bit concerned about the finishing but it actually wasn't that difficult. I was extremely proud that I was able to stitch it and finish it without any outside help. The design comes from an older Merry Cox pattern, in fact I think it has to be one of her first, since it was dated 1988. Anyway, this I believe is my first finish in 2010. And soon to be my 2nd finish is the Jeannette Douglas box. Whoppee!!! I found my Quaker Christmas piece after cleaning up and organizing so I pulled it out as I swear this is going to be my 3rd finish of 2010, or at least it will be in the count down. Sara and I are now going to be focusing on Nashville, as we leave for that show in about 10 days. This is so exciting for us as it is the only show we are able to attend. Renee and Connie will be holding down the shop so it will be open. I'll be taking my computer and my camera so I'll be posting pictures each day (that's assuming I remember how to do it once I get to Nashville. Going through time zones does something to my memory bank...well going through time zones, waking up, talking, just about anything affects my memory bank, but after all I'm 61 so I'm allowed a few excentricities...aren't I? At least that's the theory I'm going with today. Oh, yea, I was on the Legacy Board the other day and noticed the posting about someone copying the latest ornament from a picture on the Little House web site before it was even distributed. Little House had put a picture up showing what they were putting out next. I cannot tell you how disturbed I am by this. Stitchers, not only is it illegal (copyright law) but this is what has the designers so upset, rightfully so. If stitchers just take pictures off the internet and scan them into a graphing program, the designers are going to stop designing. Why should they do all that work, and it is work, just to have people steal it and not pay for the design. Little House consistently puts out marvelous designs, and several every few months and the cost for their designs is really low...$6.00 - $8.00 for a charted design. If you can afford a computer and designing software, then by God you can afford the $6.00-$8.00. I'm appalled people...simply appalled and I hope that you are too. We need to support these designers just as they support our habit. I certainly don't want to go "cold turkey" and not be able to find new charts. Oh, My God....please never let that happen. Well, I'm going to go in a stitch a few stitches on the border of "My Stitcher's Treasure Box"....hopefully I'll be posting the finished picture tonight or tomorrow. Have a great stitching day! Enjoy the snow day if you got one! And with more in the forecast....well, let's just say this is a record winter. Hopefully it will be the last!

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